EBC Summer Training Centre




European Billiard Council  invites to the first  Summer Training Centre in Europe.  We would like to organize a few camps. Our Centre takes place in a small Bulgarian town close to the seaside. The Black Sea is a fantastic place for the summer relax. The air temperature is between 24-34 degrees and the water temperature is  about 25 degrees . The beach in Chernomoretz is sandy and what is more important it is free.   There are also many restaurants,  cafes, souvenir shops and a fun fair. Eight kilometers from Chernomoretz  there is an ancient town Sozopol where you can find a wonderful  old town,  stone promenades, a tourist harbor and picturesque cliffs.

EBC proposes different categories of camps with 5 professional trainers. In each camp participants from  3-4 countries will take part.  It is the ideal time to change experiences , make friends and have a chance to play with players from other countries.  To integrate pool players is the most important issue for us. During a camp with a trainer you can learn how to play billiard better.  The trainers are professional players with a huge experience .  During the camps with animators you have time to play with colleagues  and take part in small tournaments.  The contact with different players herbs you in your sport career .

Each participant has a right to choose the camp with a suitable trainer or decide to take part in the camp with animators only.

The price for the camp with animators is lower whereas camps with trainers are in different prices. But it is your choice.

PLACE: Chernomoretz – 8 km to Sozopol, 29 km to Burgas ,

Hotel Fantastico – single and double ( twin) rooms with bathroom ( WC , shower, wash-basin) , TV, balcony . The hotel there is  500 m to the guardian sand beach .


29.06-6.07 – 7 days –trainer Bruno Muratore ( Italy) – 315€/375€ **

6.07 - 16.07.*  - 10 days  -  trainer  Bruno Muratore (Italy) – 385€/490€

15.07 - 22.07- 7  days  - trainer Jorgen Sandman ( Sweden) – 415€/475€.

22.07 - 31.07 - 10 days –trainer   Radoslaw Babica ( Poland)- 350€/465€

1.08 - 11.08- 10 days –trainer Stephan Cohen ( France) – 385€/490€

10.08 - 20.08 - 10 days  - trainer – Dieter Johns ( USA ) – 395€/500€

20.08- 30.08 – 10 days - integration camp with animators – 280€/385€

31.08- 10.09. - 10 days - integration camp with animators -– 280€/385€

10.09- 20.09 - 10 days -integration camp with animators -– 280€/385€

*  camp during the tournament Dynamic Best of the East – Bulgarian 10-Ball – 13-14.07.2013.

** price for a place in double room/ single room.

Prices for companions of the sportsmen – people who don’t like taking part in the billiard program  pay 30€ less for the camp with animators and pay 120 € less for the camp with  trainers.

The price included:

Hotel  accommodation 7-10 days with  Half Board (HB) – breakfast and lunch - in double or single room.

Training  on four 9ft billiard  tables and participating in mini tournaments   - 4-5 hours every day.

Service  organized by  a resident , animator and a trainer (a professional coach  is during “camps with trainer” only),

Insurance and local taxes.

The price doesn’t include transfers .

The participants are taken care of during billiard activities in a billiard hall only !!!!

Announcement rules.

If you are interested in taking part in billiard camps have to:

1/  send the Announcement Form to EBC This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

2/ when we confirm you are admitted , you have to transfer 100 € advance payment.  If you don’t go on the camp we will not give you back your 100€ advance payment.

3/ The rest of the money you have to pay 3 weeks before the camp.

Announcement Form  should be sent  to EBC office  by  e-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it