The international tournament of EEBC Junior Cup 2015 cycle took place in Wroclaw on June, 27 - 28th. 128 juniors from Poland, Czech Rep. and Slovakia joined the competition in 'Banda' Club. Saturday was the day of single boys and girls competition but on Sunday participants played in pairs.


Agnieszka Kolecka (Billiard Academy of Rokietnica) became the winner amongst the girls - it was her first victory in the tournament of this rank. In the final match defeated Kinga Pietrzak from UKS 13 Joker Tomaszow Mazowiecki. Anna Wolak (Pino Debica) and Agata Sidlo (Nosan Kielce) took the third place.

In boys division the best was Krystian Cwikla from Hades Poznan. Kamil Szaszor from Limonare Arkadia Tczew took the second place. Daniel Maciol (Nosan Kielce) and Daniel Lang from Slovakia got the bronze medals.

In the pairs competiton the best was pair: Daniel Maciol and Wiktor Zielinski. In the final defeated team Kamil Szaszor - Michal Muklewicz. The third place was taken by pairs: Krystian Cwikla - Tomasz Krysztofik and Wiktor Fortunski - Szymon Kazmierczyk.

The tournament was visited by the representatives of world billiard authorities. They were invited by Marcin Krzeminski - the owner of Mak Marketing company and the vice-president of World Confederation of Billiard Sports. The members of the board of WCBS - J.Ferguson (President of WCBS), F. Barki (Vice-president of WCBS), I. Anderson (President of WPA), M. Cassis (Secretary-General of WCBS), H. Alsharif (President of African Carom Federation) and M. John (President of DBU) took part in the opening ceremony of the event. All the guests were positively surprised with the development level of billiard sport amongst the Polish youth.

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