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Dmytrij Oleinyk won EEBC Pyramid Tour in Vilnius.
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Lithuanian player Dmytry Oleinyk is a winner of the last EEBC Pyramid Tour in 2017. He beat Petri Pohjola from Finland 4:1 in the final. Bronze medals received Lubov Parizere from Latvia and Artur Danilov from Lithuania.

The tournament was held in Brooklin Billiard Club in Vilnius. 47 players from 7 countries took part in the competition. Dmytry won 7 matches. Fantastic event played Lubov . She was better than: R. Krasauskas (LT) , V. Tunkulas (LT) , G. Arutyunyan (PL) and A. Alibajev (LT). Oleinyk stopped her in semifinal. Congratulation for Artur Danilov. Bronze medal is a very good result. Petri Pohjola won his first match with M. Adukauskas 3:0. Next lost against Gagik 2:3 but beat K. Pcelin 3:1, K. Kovalevsky 3:0, L. Arcimavichius 3:2 and A. Danilov 3:2. He had 1:1 in the final with Oleinyk but he lost in three consecutive games. He returned to Finland very happy.
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Head referee was Ihor Kovtun from Ukraine. He did a really good job.

East European Billiard Council organized 5 main pyramid events in 2017. Pyramid Tour took place in Hamburg, Barcelona, Varna and Vilnius. EEBC Pyramid Championships was part of International Billiard Festival in Kielce. All participants collected ranking points. The winner of annual ranking is Gagik Arutyunyan from Poland. He has 415 points. The second Konstantin Kovalevsky from Germany gathered 360 points . Third position takes Lubov Parizere from Latvia – 305 points.
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Director of the series Marcin Krzeminski ( EEBC president) says : When we were starting the pyramid activities in 2012 I did not think, that our competitions took place in Germany, Spain, Bulgaria or Poland. Now we have more than 120 participants in EEBC Pyramid Tour, good partners and sponsors. I'm very proud of my team. We did a fantastic work”.

Konstantin Pcelin , owner of Brooklin Club was very satisfied of the event . “It is beautiful moment when you see players from different countries who like pyramid games. I’m happy , that I had chance to work with EEBC”.

Big thanks we would like to say to our sponsors: International Pyramid Confederation , Gazprom, Dynamic Billard Organization, Iwan Simonis S.A. and Aramith ( Saluc S.A.).