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Pyramid Tour


EBC in cooperation with International Pyramid Committee  and European Pyramid Committee has decided to put impact on the promotion of this type of billard sport and its development. IPC, Dynamic Billard Organization and Mak Marketing influenced significantly on the foundation of the pyramid sport sections in Poland (Debica, Werbkowice) and Slovakia (Vazec). Another section is planned to be established in Czech Republic. In October 2011- the first players took part in the World Championship in Kiev. In 2012 EBC plans to conduct training courses and series of the Pyramid Tour as well as to prepare the players for upcoming European and World Championship.


Series consisting of 3 tournaments organized for Polish, Slovakian and Czech players. Participants from other countries are not excluded but this competition is targeted to the players from the countries which have just began the journey in pyramid sport. The winners of the series have will have the opportunity to be invited to the professional pyramid tournaments organized by IPC and EPC.

Pyramid Tour 2017

Nov EEBC Pyramid Tour - Vilnius (Lithuania)
23  Sep EEBC Pyramid Tour - Varna (Bulgaria)
28  Jun International Billiard Festival - EEBC Pyramid Championships - Kielce (Poland)
22  Apr EEBC Pyramid Tour - Barcelona (Spain)
11  Feb EEBC Pyramid Tour- Hamburg, Germany

Pyramid Tour 2016

22  Oct EEBC Pyramid Tour - Vilnius, Lithuania
10  Sep EEBC Pyramid Tour - Prague - Czech Rep.
16  Jul EEBC Pyramid Tour - Varna, Bulgaria
30  Apr EEBC Pyramid Championships 2016
Feb EEBC Pyramid Tour 2016 - Hamburg (Germany)

Pyramid Tour 2015

Oct EEBC Pyramid Tour - Calpe (Spain)
Aug EEBC Pyramid Tour - Riga (Latvia)
Jul EEBC Pyramid Tour - Varna (Bulgaria)
21  Mar EEBC Pyramid Tour - Prague (Czech Rep.)
17  Jan EEBC Pyramid Tour - Germering (Germany)

Pyramid Tour 2014

11  Dec EEBC Pyramid Tour - Prague 11-12.10.2014
Aug EBC Pyramid Tour - Berlin (Germany)
17  May EBC Pyramid Tour - Calpe (Spain)
17  Jan EBC Pyramid Tour - Berlin (Germany)

Pyramid Tour 2013

25  May EBC Pyramid Tour - Spain
Mar EBC Pyramid Tour – Slovakia
19  Jan EBC Pyramid Tour – Berlin – Germany

Pyramid Tour 2012

13  Oct EBC Pyramid Tour 2012 - Prague, Czech Rp.
20  Jul EBC Pyramid Tour 2012 - Debica, Poland
16  Mar EBC Pyramid Tour 2012 - Vażec, Slovakia