Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League third stage was held in Riga, Latvia. As always Bams Pool House greeted the 100 participating athletes with good tables and nice atmosphere. The always popular event was won in men's division by Pijus Labutis LIT Denis Grabe EST and in women's and old boys division once again Margarita Fefilova BLR.

Battle of the youth

The men’s division turned out to be a real battle of the youth as in the final four there were only young guns still in the bracket. The first semi-final was a real cracker as two top youth players, not only in the Baltics but in the world battled, out the place in the final. These two talents were Denis Grabe EST and Pijus Labutis. After a thrilling semifinal, Pijus Labutsi managed to get the most of it and proceed to the final by a score 8:6. The second semi-final was between Mark Mägi EST and Vladislav Les BLR. On the paper, it promised to be an as thrilling match as the first semi-final. However, Mägi was on top of his game and secured a comfortable 8:3 victory. In the final Mägi was unable to keep his concentration and Labutis cruised to an overwhelming victory 8:2.

This win was an important one for Labutis as he managed to close down to Mägi in the overall ranking and now he is fourth after leader Mägi, second  Tuomas Riipinen FIN and third place Les.

Fefilova’s unbeaten run in Riga continues

Bams Pool House seems to be a very successful venue for Fefilova as she has not lost a match there for two years. Fefilova was really threatened in the women and old boys division only in the first round when she won the hill-hill match over another Baltic superstar Anna Prisjaznuka. In her semi-final she crashed Kateryna Polovinchuk UKR 7:2 and in the final Aleksandrs Kucmins LAT 7:3. Kucmins did not leave many chances to his fellow countryman Oled Demjanov in his semi-final when he won 7:4.

After the Riga stage, Janne Lehiö FIN took charge of the overall ranking, sharing the top place with Linda Guke {~LAT}. Similarly to first two places, the third and fourth place are shared by Latvians Gatis Taube and Valdis Kleinhofs.

The success continues

The event had an unbelievable 100 participants which make it definitely one of the most popular league in Europe. The Riga event had participants from Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

The organizers thank all the athletes, volunteers, fans and all other people and companies that were part of another enjoyable event. Big gratitude goes out to all the sponsors – Mezz Cues, Suomen Biljardimyynti, Aramith, Iwan Simonis, Kamui, Aveiras, Turtle Rack Sheet, Entry, Bams Pool House, Start Pool Club, Musta Kasi Pool Club.

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Top 5 mens of BPL Ranking

Magi Mark • 89 Tallinn
Saska Joonas • 82 Tartu
Labutis Pijus • 78 Vilnius, Vilniaus Pulo Klubas
Riipinen Tuomas • 76 Helsinki
Jermikimov Aleksandr • 75 Tartu
Mens Ranking

Top 5 women & oldboys

Polovinchuk Kateryna • 75 Kyiv
Lace Tana • 55 Riga
Kosiareva Anastasia • 54 Minsk
Milisauskaite Simona • 51 Vilnius
Kazachenko Lubov • 47 Minsk
Whole Ranking

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