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Baltic League – WiK POL TOUR 10-Ball

June 06, 2013 - Baltic Pool League

Players from Poland became the winners of Balltic League - international tournament which took place in Ketrzyn (Poland).  Katarzyna Wesolowska was the best amongst women and Piotr Kudlik won in open competition. This is the next success in regional cooperation development.

Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League Latvia

August 21, 2012 - Baltic Pool League

Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League 2012

Organizers: Estonian Pool Federation and Lithuanian Pool Federation in association with Olympic-Online and Latvian Billiard Federation.

Venue: Billiard club „Champions Club”, Ropazu 7, Riga, Latvia.

About The Series

After a lot of hard work made by the organisers - Juri Talu and Tomas Brikman, Baltic Pool League was for the first time introduced in 2011. The project has immediately drawn an attention of Olympic-Onlilne, who became the main sponsor of the event and due to that the name was changed into Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League. Although the League is open for all players, it is mainly focused on the players from the Baltic states. In the first edition of the event there were prticipating players from Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

The event consists of four qualification stages and a final stage where 32 best ranked men and 8 best ranked women rake part. Over 80 players in each stage of qualification each in men's and women's division had participated.

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Top 5 mens of BPL Ranking

Magi Mark • 89 Tallinn
Saska Joonas • 82 Tartu
Labutis Pijus • 78 Vilnius, Vilniaus Pulo Klubas
Riipinen Tuomas • 76 Helsinki
Jermikimov Aleksandr • 75 Tartu
Mens Ranking

Top 5 women & oldboys

Polovinchuk Kateryna • 75 Kyiv
Lace Tana • 55 Riga
Kosiareva Anastasia • 54 Minsk
Milisauskaite Simona • 51 Vilnius
Kazachenko Lubov • 47 Minsk
Whole Ranking


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