Mieszko Fortunski POL won the first tournament of the series Dynamic Best of the East 2017. 83 players took part in the Bulgaria 9-ball in Sofia. Mariusz Skoneczny POL was a runner-up. Bronze medals received Ioan ladanyi from Romania and Oliver Szolnoki from HUN. next event will held in Budapest in April.


Top 8 of 'Best' Ranking

Skoneczny Mariusz • 410 Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Turkowski Michal • 355 Kielce
Skowerski Karol • 345 Kielce
Kaplan Tomasz • 315 Kielce
Fortunski Mieszko • 285 Lubin
Georgiev Georgi • 265 Petrich
Szolnoki Oliver • 195 Budapest
Verschatse Clement • 195 Snagov
Whole Ranking


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