Former runner-up of European Pool Championships Jakub Koniar SVK from Bratislava won the Dynamic Best of the East - Slovakia 9-Ball. The tournament took place in Lavos Club.

67 participants from 7 countries took part in the event.Petr Urban CZE got silver medal, Tomasz Kaplan POL and Marek Hajdovsky CZE got bronze medals

The final of the event was a very dramatic. When the score was 6:6 Urban had two balls to the end. He pocketed ball number 8 and was trying to find the best position on ball 9. His shot was not perfect. White ball took of two cushions and scratched to a middle pocket.

Katarzyna Wesolowska Poland was the best female player. She finished on 9 place. She beat Tomas Krovina Slovakia 7:0, Petr Brancusky Czech Republic 7:6 and Roman Dugović Slovakia 7:5. Katarzyna lost her 1/8 final match with Mieszko Fortunski Poland 6:7. The best junior was Calvin Washburn Czech Republic (5th place).

Andrew Wilson Australia took part in the Best of the East for the first time. He said: "I have played many events in Asia. Now, I'm happy of my participating in Slovakia. Conditions of the game in Europe are much better than in Indonesia. Different is also style of the game. I'm glad I met new people".

Tournament in Bratislava was a very important for national billiard federation. President Samuel Koniar was content, that Federation supported start of 40 Slovakian players. Some part of them have never played in an international competition. Many thanks to all sponsors, Lavos Club and referees team: Alexandru Balas Romania and Miska Struharova Slovakia. National Slovakian TV presented all the news about the event.

The Dynamic Best of the East 2017 serie will finish in October in Romania. After 4 events on the ranking top are: M. Fortunski: 300 points, M. Skoneczny: 260 points, T. Kapłan: 250 points, M. Hajdovsky and D. Zajac: 230 points.

Top 8 of 'Best' Ranking

Skoneczny Mariusz • 225 Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Skowerski Karol • 220 Kielce
Szolnoki Oliver • 205 Budapest
Jastrzab Dominik • 200 Jaworzno
Kapłan Tomasz • 195 Kielce
Lasota Grzegorz • 185 Sokółka
Kural Szymon • 170 Kraków
Hajshman Ladislav • 165 Plzeň
Whole Ranking

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