Slovakian Billiard Association was waiting for 14 years for the victory of their player in Dynamic Best of the East. It took place during the 67th tournament of the cycle played in Slovakia.

“I am very happy that Jakub has won. We have been waiting for a long time for this moment. It is a good information before the European Championships in Austria” – said Samuel Koniar – the President of SBA.

Slovakia, Czech Rep., and Poland were the initiators of the Dynamic Best of the East cycle. At the end of 90s players competed in three tournaments but the name of the event was different (Slovakia Cup, CMBS Open and International Championships of Poland). Events were coordinated by Ladislav Sramek (SVK), Milos Vizingr (CZE) and Marcin Krzeminski (POL). In 2002 Mak Marketing (Marcin Krzeminski’s company) took over organizing the cycle. Until the end of 2015 together with its partners organized 66 tournaments in Slovakia, Czech Rep., Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Croatia.

The general sponsor of the first edition was Italian company – Longoni. Since the second edition the general sponsors became Dynamic Billard Organization for Germany, Iwan Simonis from Belgium and Saluc (Aramith) from Belgium supported by the local partners from particular countries.

The cycle has got its own ranking and points system for the five tournaments during a year.

The current season kicked off in Arena Club in Ruzomberok. The hosts: Roman Hamor and Marek Potas prepared the event very well. All the tables were covered with the new cloth, media were informed, the poster promoting the event was made and accommodation for the participants was provided. Meanwhile Mak Marketing recruited players and signed a contract with for the free internet broadcasting.

60 players registered for the competition but unexpectedly 3 players from Great Britain didn’t arrive. Strong teams came from Romania, Poland, Czech Rep., Bulgaria and Slovakia. The rest of players came from Hungary and Ukraine. Amongst the most recognized players were: European Champions – Karol Skowerski and Mariusz Skoneczny (POL), European Vice-champion – Jakub Koniar (SVK), silver medalist of Youth World Championships – Konrad Piekarski (POL) and the winner of Dynamic Best of the East 2014 and 2015 – Ioan Ladanyi (ROM).

The first stage matches were played in double KO system. Amongst the favorites only Cyprian Gindac didn’t get to the next stage. In play-off’s dropped off M. Skoneczny and K. Skowerski. In semifinals we could watch J. Koniar, I. Ladanyi, M. Todorov (BUL) and 15-years-old W. Zielinski (POL). Zielinski defeated I. Ladanyi 7:4 and Koniar defeated Todorov 7:3. In the final match young player from Poland was leading but finally lost 9:6 and J. Koniar became the winner.

The winner of the 2016 cycle will receive a prize founded by Dynamic Company – they will cover the cost of entry fee in 7 tournaments of Euro Tour 2017.

After the medal ceremony the director of the cycle, Marcin Krzeminski said: “Slovakia 9-Ball has proven that our sportsmen have a big potential. It is more and more difficult to win. For Slovakian Billiard Association it is a big day. After so many years co-founder of the Best of the East got the bronze medal. Congratulations.”

Many thanks to the hosts of the event, ATD Dynamic Company from Bucharest and

During the tournament we could see the posters reminding us about the fair competition: SAY NO! TO DOPING.

The next tournament of the cycle will take place in Kielce on 30th April - 1st May 2016.

Play-off stage scores:
The winner of the tournament - J. Koniar
1/8 Final9th place
K. Piekarski 5:7 M. Todorov
K. Skowerski 7:3 A. Giernalczyk
J. Polach 2:7 O. Szolnoki
M. Skoneczny 5:7 J. Koniar
K. Piekarski 7:3 M. Turkowski
W. Zielinski 7:3 J. Broschel
G. Angelov 6:7 C. Ovidiu
G. Olah 4 : 7 I. Ladanyi
¼ Final5th place
M. Todorov 7 : 6 K. Skowerski
O. Szolnoki 3 : 7 J. Koniar
K. Piekarski 5 : 7 W. Zielinski
C. Ovidiu 1 : 7 I. Ladanyi
½ Final3rd place
M. Todorov 3 : 7 J. Koniar
W. Zielinski 7 : 4 I. Ladanyi
J. Koniar 9 : 6 W. Zielinski

Top 8 of 'Best' Ranking

Kapłan Tomasz • 295 Kielce
Skoneczny Mariusz • 275 Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Jastrzab Dominik • 255 Jaworzno
Kural Szymon • 240 Kraków
Lasota Grzegorz • 240 Sokółka
Fortunski Mieszko • 225 Lubin
Skowerski Karol • 220 Kielce
Jamorski Oskar • 210 Rękoraj
Whole Ranking

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