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Dynamic Best of the East 2014 – Summary

October 04, 2014 - Best of the East

For 12 years Mak Marketing with its partners has been organizing the second biggest in Europe cycle of open pool billiard tournaments. Few thousands players took part in the events along this time. Many of those, who had started their sport carreer in Dynamic Best, later got the medals of European Championships and prestigious international tournaments.

Polish 10-Ball – the last tournament of Dynamic Best of the East 2014

October 04, 2014 - Best of the East

Marek Kudlik (Poland) became the winner of Polish 10-Ball which took place in Debica on September, 27-28. Big surprise in Debica was the 2nd place of Vitaly Patsura from Ukraine. Ioan Ladany from Romania was the best in general ranking of Dynamic Best of the East  2014. In general over 240 players from 16 countries took part in the tournaments of the cycle.

The Pole the best in Romania 10-Ball

August 21, 2014 - Best of the East

After a dramatic final Radoslaw Babica became the winner of Dynamic Best of the East – Romania 10-Ball in Bucharest. The leader of the ranking is still Ioan Ladany who got the second place in TAC Club. Babken Melkonyan and Radu Anghel from Romania won the bronze medals. 84 players from 7 countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Israel, Moldova, Lebanon and Belgium) played in the tournament.

Sandor Tot the best in Bulgaria 10-Ball

July 31, 2014 - Best of the East

Two players from Serbia – Sandor Tot and Zoran Svilar played in the final of Dynamic Best of the East – Bulgaria 10-Ball which took place on July, 26 – 27. The result was not surprising. Tot won 7:4. While the best players from Poland and Bulgaria were absent (they were taking part in Team World Champpionships in China) only Romanians could compete with Serbs. The best of them – Ioan Ladany in the semifinal was leading 3:0 with Tot, but eventually lost 4:7. Similar situation took place in the second semifinal where Radoslav Milkov from Bulgaria, after a good start, was finally defeated by Svilar. In a final we could watch a friendly match between two good colleagues. Svilar started well but Tot got the better than him very soon and won the match 7:4. 70 players from 10 countries (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Armenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Belarus, Georgia and Slovakia) played in Bulgaria 10-Ball.

Say No! To Doping in Prague

May 15, 2014 - Best of the East

The second tournament of Dynamic Best of the East 2014 serie took place in Harfa Club in Prague. Players from Romania, Belarus, Germany, Israel, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Czech Rep. took part in the competition. Michal Lichodziejewski (Poland) became the winner.

The 60th tournament of the Dynamic Best of the East on TV

March 29, 2014 - Best of the East

SLOVAKSPORT TV Chanel from Slovakia provided four hours  of live transmission of the final matches of the Dynamic Best of the East 2014 tournament. It was the biggest tv coverage in the history of the Best of the East series. In the competition – Slovakia 10-Ball, played in the Arena club in Ruzomberok, played 62 people. Tomasz Kaplan from Nosan Kielce (PL) became the winner.

About Dynamic Best Of The East

Series of the tournaments in pool billiard organized in countries of Eastern Europe. The first tournament took place in 1998 starting from the event in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. Later on new hosts of the tournament appeared. In 2002 Best of the East became sanctioned by EPBF and the first official sponsor was Longoni. Since 2003 the series is known under the name Dynamic Best of the East because of the new sponsor - Dynamic Billard Organization from Germany. Second supportive partner is Iwan Simonis - well-known for the production of the billard cloth. Saluc - Aramith (a leader in production of billiard balls) had been envolved in the development of the series till 2009. The winner of the ranking, thanks to the support of the International Billard Promotion, participated in EURO TOUR tournament without entry fee.

Every year (2002-2011) 3-6 events took place in Europe. The sport system was Robin Round + single elimination in 9-ball. This provides each sportsmen the possibility to play more matches than in he double elimination system. In total: 47 tournaments were organized in the following countries: Slovakia, Poland, Czech Rep., Hungary, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Serbia and Estonia. From 2004 the main organizer of the Dynamic Best of the East is Polish company - Mak Marketing.

In 2012 5 new competitions will be held (in Hungary, Czech Rep, Bulgaria, Estonia and Poland), but for the first time it will be played in 10-ball. Everyone can participate in the event under the following conditions: the application must be sent to the Organizer till the indicated date, the participation will be then approved, name of the participant will be placed on the players' list and the entry fee will be paid.

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Top 8 of 'Best' Ranking

Fortunski Mieszko • 365 Bierun, ERG Folie
Kaplan Tomasz • 350 Kielce, Nosan Kielce
Hajdovsky Marek • 285 Pardubice, Maple Pool Club
Szolnoki Oliver • 280 Budapest, MonoPool BSE
Skoneczny Mariusz • 260 Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Lipiński Dachy
Zhalman David • 255 Pardubice, Maple Pool Club
Koniar Jakub • 250 Bratislava, Elite KAMI PROFIT
Juszczyszyn Konrad • 250 Bierun, ERG Folie
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