EEBC Pyramid Tour – Bulgaria 2016 took place in Varna. 27 players from 7 countries (Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belgium and Bulgaria) arrived to Pyramid Club. The best was Gagik Arutyunian CZE. It is nothing new but second and third place for Polish players is a surprise. Mieszko Fortunski POL and Mariusz Skoneczny POL – gold and silver medalists of pool EC showed, that pool players can be strong in pyramid. Sergey Mielnik CZE also finished on third position. Lubov Parizere LAT is no 1 in the ranking 2016.


Top 8 of Pyramid Tour Ranking

Zhylinski Aleksei • 305.00 Prague
Kovalevsky Konstantin • 290.00 Heidelberg
Skoneczny Mariusz • 230.00 Tomaszów Mazowiecki
Parijer Lubov • 220.00 Riga
Cherneckis Paulius • 205.00 Vilnius
Arutunyan Gagik • 200.00
Zurnachian Artur • 195.00 München
Stefanski Mariusz • 185.00 Kętrzyn
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