The first event of the Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League was held in Riga, Latvia. Bams Pool House was once again kind enough to offer their Dino Sport Pro tables to hold the event. The first winners of the 2015 season are Denis Grabe (Estonia) and Agné Jaruśauskaite (Lithuania).


In mens division Denis Grabe left no questions on the table when crashing Vitalijs Spaks from Latvia. The latvian showed great composure when reaching the final on the winners side by sending home such great players like Dmitri Chuprov from Belorus (semi final 8:6), Estonian Mark Mägi (Mägi lead 6:2!) and Henrikas Strolis from Lithuania. Nevertheless Grabe was just too big fish to catch and 8:1 loss in the final was a fact. Grabe managed to win his fellow countryman Joonas Saska in the semi final by 8:4.

It must be mentioned that Latvian Anna Prisjaźnuka who has won many womens stages tried her skills in mens division as well. The result was not bad as she finished seventeenth only to lose a hill-hill thriller.


When last year it was Lithuanian Simona Miliśauskaite that took the gold in Riga then this year Agne Jaruśauskaite continued the trend of Lithuanian winning in Riga. After a shacky start by losing her first match Jaruśauskaite focused and reached the final through loosers side. In her semi final she had to overcome Lind Guke from Latvia who managed to reach the semi final through winners side. However Guke's strength was not enough to make it over Jaruśauskaite and the final score 7:5 for Lithuanian. In the final Jaruśauskaite had to deal with another host coming from winners side, Tana Lace. Unlike the men's final the women's and oldboys final turned to be much more even, the final score 7:5. The only oldboy to reach the medals was Gintautas Danilevićius (LIT) whos way to the final was cut short by Lace with a one sided semi final 7:2.


Organisers are satisfied with another successful start of the season. A very big THANK YOU goes out to all the 79 players participating in the 2015 inaugural event and naturally to the always hospitable team Bams Pool House. Another success is that we see many positive factors in Latvian pool. Regardless of the fact that Latvian players did not won neither mens or womens and oldboys divisions pool in Latvia is showing a lot of improvement as both finals featured a Latvian player and as many as seven Latvian's were in the last sixteen of the men's division!

All together participated 79 players from Belarus, England, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway.

It is our pleasure to thank all the sponsors without whom it would be impossible to hold such a high quality event. Thank you Mezz Cues, Iwan Simonis, Aramith, Bilijardai, Kamui, Aveiras, True Tight Rack, Bams Pool House, Baribal Billiard Club, Undine Biliard Room and all volunteers!

We are looking forward to see another great event already on 30th of May in Tallinn, Estonia. The registration is open on our website.

For more information about the event, players, sponsors and all other related information please visit our webpage

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