This weekend was held Olybet Baltic Pool League 2013 Final event that was held in cosy Hiiu Baribal pool hall that is located in Tallinn, Estonia. In the final 32 best men and 14 best women players from this years ranking participated for the titel of the best pool player in Baltics. The game was 10-ball and surely there was a surprise.

Mens division was won by 13 years old Mark Mägi

This years men's division surely offered a surprise as the titel was won by only 13 years old estonian Mark Mägi. The youngsters talent blossomed when he got his first test in the semi final against the current leader of the Baltics pool so far Denis Grabe (Team OlyBet) from Estonia. The nerve wrecking game was won with a score of 13:11 by Mägi and he proceeded to the final in which he had to win latvian athlete Peteris Ermansons (Team OlyBet). The latvian reached the final with comfortably winning lithuanian athlete Paulius Tamkevićius by a score 13:7. The final match started with supremacy of Mägi when he took a what seemed to be secure lead 8:2. However the latvian took a time out and did not gave up as he fought till the end and tied the match to 9:9. Probably the effort left its mark and Ermansons had to admit the youngster Mägi's win of this years event with a score 13:9.

Womens event was dominated by Katarzyna Wesolowska

From the start of the final the hot favourite to win the event was polish athlete Katarzyna Wesolowska. She did not let her fans down as she took the title. In the semi final she had to win another athlete from Poland Ewa Bak and she did that quite well as the score was 10:4 and the door to the final open. In the second semi final the last years winner Anna Prizjaźnuska needed to win over lithuanian Agne Jaruśauskaite and she did managed to do that with a score of 10:7. By this the best possible final scene was set as it featured last years winner and the hot favourite. After many tense frames Wesolowska did take the title to Poland with a score of 10:7.

Organisers are more than happy with the outcome

After two eventful days the organisers Juri Talu and Tomas Brikmanis were more than happy with the whole event. They stressed that it is vital for the tour to have such great sponsors and athletes to work with as it motivates the organisers to push the quality of the event higher every year. "Hereby we would like to thank all the athletes for your constant support and it makes us really happy that in three years we still get high numbers of participants on each stage of the tour. Additionally we want to take the opportunity to thank the sponsors OlyBet, Entry Poolclub, Baribal Poolclub, Mezz Cues, Kamui Tips, Aveiras, Boom Bap Wear, Strachan, Bljardai, Pro9, Insidepoolmag and all other sponsors and volunteers thanks to which this event is possible to hold. We already are planning next years events and surely it will be another eventful year to look for. You are able to have a good overview of the tour on our Facebook site by looking up our Baltic Pool League site," said the content organisers.

Men's top 4
Women's top 4
Men's winner Mark Magi
Women's winner Katarzyna Wesolowska

Photos by Rolandas Vaizgela

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