Karol Skowerski  (POL) is the winner of the Hungarian Open 2012. In the final he defeated Mateusz Śniegocki (POL), 9-3. Bronze medals went to Ioan Ladany (ROM) and Novo Serafimovsky (MAC).

Local hosts (Fordan Centre) and tournament management prepared very good playing conditions for players whom enjoyed the event. The referees were: Piotr Kaminski and Waldemar Debski.

Medals and trophies were presented by the Board Member of WPA, the Tournament Director – Mr Marcin Krzeminski and the owner of the Club – Mr Laszlo Varga.

“I played a very good match. Śniegocki made three easy mistakes and that was enough for me to win this final.” Karol Skowerski said after the tournament. Novo Serafimovsky was also very content: “It is a great success for me to take third place in such strong field of players.”

There were four players in the Hungarian Open with the European Champion title, two golden medalists of the World Juniors Championships and a few national champions. Players from following countries took part in it : Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Armenia, Macedonia, Czech Rep. and Hungary. The level of sporting performance was extremely high, spectators had many opportunities to watch amazing shots.

Dynamic Best of the East in Pecs was the first of the yearly series. Next event will be played in Ostrava, in May 2012.

Final results:
K.Skowerski 9 3 M.Sniegocki
M.Sniegocki (POL) 9 0 I.Ladany (ROM)
K.Skowerski (POL) 9 7 N.Serafimovsky
D. Zajac (POL) 6 7 N.Serafimovsky (MAC)
R.Babica (POL) 5 7 K.Skowerski (POL)
M.Skoneczny (POL) 0 7 M.Sniegocki (POL)
I.Ladany (ROM) 7 4 T.Kaplan (POL)

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