Q: As you are no. 2 in the ranking list, what is your expectation regarding this tournament?

A: I always compete to win and this time in Kielce I am also here to win the Beast Of East Tournament. I am not looking at rankings as it is obvious that with good results you finish high. Unfortunately there is one thing that I am consern about that is the fact that Hungarian government will be shutting down the border starting from September 1st.

Q: Tomasz Kaplan (leader of the ranking) is already out of the tournament and his adventure has ended in the group stage. Do you feel even more motivated to compete and win also in Kielce?

A: I am always motivated to win, though it is very tough tournament when you play 9 ball race to 5 in the group stage anything can happen. I am not looking at other athletes results, I always focus on my own game.

Andrzej Skupień. 

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