Our friend, Marcin Krzeminski became a member of the Board of World Confederation of Billiards Sports (WCBS).

He will be responsible for fighting against doping in all billiard disciplines. WCBS is an organization established by pool, snooker and carom world associations and approved by International Olympic Committee (IOC). Members of WCBS cooperate with agendas of IOC. Marcin Krzeminski was chosen to cooperate with World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).


Here are the announcements from WCBS and WPA:

"It is a pleasure for me to welcome you into the WCBS-Board. Since the sudden passing away of Peter Hawley, WCBS is facing a difficult situation about our obligations and efforts towards the WADA Anti-doping policy. It is a great relief for us that you have accepted to take this function on your responsibility" read - Jean-Claude Dupont -  President of WCBS.

WPA President Ian Anderson announced that WPA Executive Board member, Marcin Krzeminski of Poland has accepted a position to the WCBS Board of Directors. Mr Anderson said, "Mr. Krzeminski was delighted at the opportunity to join the Board where his main duty will be taking care of WADA matters. This position carries a great deal of responsibility and confidentiality, and I am sure that Marcin is the right man for the job".


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