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Olga Ivanova from Belarus has been the first winner of EBC Pyramid Tour . The tournament was held in Vażec village in Slovakian mountain.

Players from 6 countries took part. Ivanova conquered Veniamin Yakovlev from Russia in the final. Third place took Michal Kedzior from Poland and Marcel Savel from Slovakia. Olga Ivanowa summed it up: " If I do someting, I try to do it with all my heart, as best as possible - and this is what I have tried to do in this tournament - to play as good as possible. I have managed. I will have nice memories from my first visit in Slovakia."

O. Ivanova (BLR)20V. Yakovlev (CZ)
1/2 final
O. Ivanova(BLR)20M. Savel (SVK)
M. Kedzior (POL)12V. Yakovlev (CZ)
1/4 final
O. Ivanova (BLR)21P. Kaminski (POL)
R. Vladyka (CZ)02M. Savel (SVK)
M. Kedzior (POL)20L. Gejdosova (SVK)
V. Ordin (RUS)02V. Yakovlev (CZ)

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