January 29, 2012 - News

The capital of Slovakia was hosting the players of the Slovakia Cup, which took place on 14th January 2012.

The winner of the tournament -Jaroslav Polach defeated Jakub Koniar in the final game.

The results are as follows:

1POLÁCH Jaroslav250
2KONIAR Jakub200
3-4KUBÁN Michal150
3-4LATIKA Tomáš150
5-8DAUBNER René90
5-8HAJDÚCH Michal90
5-8KLOBUČNÍK Milan90
5-8LEITMAN Peter90

The Winner of Polish pool billiard ranking received the main prize – a car.

January 24, 2012 - News

Konrad Piekarski , 18 years old player of Metal Fach LP Sokółka Club, received the main prize for the winner of Polish pool billiard ranking.

Together with his father – coach Leszek Piekarski drove out with new Fiat Punto from Maredi Car Showroom. Konrad Piekarski and Radosław Babica, each of them collected 322 pts, during 12 tournaments organized in 2011. The gold medal, which Piekarski won in straight pool during the last day of Polish Championship, had decided about that he got the first place. Tomasz Kapłan with 317 pts was situated on the 3 rd position. Till the very last moment it was impossible to indicate the player who could be definitely ranked on the first position.

In 2009 Mateusz Śniegocki won Opel Corsa and in 2010 Radosław Babica won Chevrolet Spark.

WPA 8-BALL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – Qualification event for Eastern Europe

January 23, 2012 - News

Date: 29.01.2012 .

Venue: Billiard Club Break Cracow ( Kraków)

Adress: Zbożowa Str.2, Kraków, Poland

Participants -  max 64 players from the following countries: Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Czech RP, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Albania can participate in the event.

The Champion of Georgia

January 19, 2012 - News

Georgy Rizamadze became The Absolute Champion of Georgia.

Georgia National Federation of Billiard is going to organize many sport tournaments in this year.

Congratulations for Georgy!
We hope we will see him on tournaments organized by EBC.

New members of EBC

January 13, 2012 - News

Lithuania Pool Federation, Billiard Federation of Georgia and The Moldova Billiard Federation declared an interest in cooperation with EBC.

MAKS 2011

January 09, 2012 - News

Once again Polish Billiard Association and Mak Marketing Company organized a gala meeting in order to summarize the recent billiard season in Poland.

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