Mak Marketing, NFBI Moldova
and East European Billiard Council present:
Dynamic Best of the East – 2016
Moldova 9-ball Chishiniev - Date: 8-9.10.2016
Venue: BILLIARD HALL str. Calea Esilor 10, mun. Chisinau, R.Moldova

Mariusz Skoneczny - winner of the 2016 Dynamic Best of the East.

He general ranking could have been won by Mariusz Skoneczny POL or Ioan Ladanyi ROU. Their clash in the final in Chişinău assigned a double crown for Moldovan Championship and supremacy in the annual competition.

The match started very well for Mariusz: the Pole led 3-0, then Ioan came back on 3-2. Here Skoneczny stopped him and scored the following 3 points. On 6-2 it seemed to be a fast final, but that didn't happen. Well known for his toughness, Ladanyi kept the loss away and achieved the draw. In the decisive frame Mariusz won the positional battle and defeated the opponent.

In the semifinals: Mariusz Skoneczny POL - Alexandru Trif ROU 7:0 (in 20 minutes) and Ioan Ladanyi ROU - Ciprian Gabriel Gindac ROU 7:4.

In the quarterfinals: M. Skoneczny - V. Patsura UKR 7:3, A. Trif - C. Ovidiu ROU 7:3, I. Ladanyi - M. Turkowski POL 7:4, C. G. Gindac - P. Ostrowski POL 7:5.

Best junior in the tournament was Bulgarian Nicolay Jelev BUL.

For the first time Dynamic Best of the East was held in Moldova. The owner of the club and president of the national federation Aleksander Ghetmanes got ready for the occasion. New cloths, balls, leveled tables provided a high playing comfort. The competition was led by judge Aleksandru Balas. Guests of the opening ceremony were the members of the Rotary Club of Chişinău. We hope that group will be a support for the national billiards and the EEBC - International Academy of Billiards program.

Thanks to the strategic sponsors of this edition: Dynamic Billard Organization DEU, Iwan Simonis S.A. BEL and Saluc S.A. (Aramith) BEL.

Quarter-finals   Semi-finals   Final  
  POL Michał Turkowski 4 ROM Ioan Ladanyi 7     ROM Ioan Ladanyi 7     ROM Ciprian Gindac 4 POL Piotr Ostrowski 5 ROM Ciprian Gindac 7         ROM Ioan Ladanyi 6         POL Mariusz Skoneczny 7 ROM Alexandru Trif 7 ROM Cristea Ovidiu 3     ROM Alexandru Trif 0     POL Mariusz Skoneczny 7 UKR Vitalyi Patsura 3 POL Mariusz Skoneczny 7

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