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Denis Grabe became to the gold medalist of Dynamic Best of the East in Tallin. For the first time Estonian player won the tournament, in 14- years-long history of the series.

European Champions - Konstantin Stiepanov (RUS) , Tomasz Kaplan, Radoslaw Babica, Mariusz Skoneczny (all POL); runner up of 2012 World Cup of Pool - Karol Skowerski (POL), Denis Grabe (EST) and Henrikas Strolis (LT) were favorites of the Dynamic Best of the East - 2012 Baribal Estonia 10-Ball. They played very well and qualified to the main part of the event. Leonas Monciunskas (LT) was a new face in the quarterfinal. In semi final R. Babica defeated M. Skoneczny 8:6 and K. Stiepanov lost with D. Grabe 8:4. Final was very dramatic. Babica was leading 7:5 but made some mistake. Grabe led to the draw 7:7 and had a break. After the shot balls didn’t go to pockets. Radoslaw put four balls and missed the ball number 5. It was enough for Grabe. He won 8:7.

Players from Poland, Israel, Lithuania, Russia and Estonia took part in the event. Big thanks for owner of the Baribal Club – Rafig Adigazalon and Estonian Pool Federation. The last tournament of the 2012 Dynamic Best of the East will take place in Poland – Łódź 27th -28th October.


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