Cristian Gindać from Romania became the winner of third tournament in cycle of Dynamic Best of the East 2013 played on 13-14.07.2013 in Burgas.

According to the tradition the event took place at Black Sea in Bulgaria. It is certain that not to many people considered Cristian as a favourite. He lives and works in Spain where also plays in Planeta Pool Club in Vistoria but still stays in touch with romanian billiard and represents Arta Brasov club. Before the victory in Bulgarian 10-ball he won the Gold Cue tournament and got the title of the Champin of Romania in 9-ball in 2009. In a final match in Burgas Gindać defeated the former European Champion - Sandor Tot from Serbia 8:6. Konrad Juszczyszyn from Banda Club Wroclaw and bulgarian no. 1 - Stanimir Ruslanov got the third places. In genneral 79 players from Serbia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Macedonia, Russia and Bulgaria took part in the competition.

"It is a good situation for the tournament promotion when players from different countries stand on the podium. I hope that it will motivate billiard players from Romania, Bulgaria or Serbia to be more active in sport area. Generally I am very glad that so many players joined the competition and that municipality of Burgas supported our tournament" said the general organizer - Marcin Krzeminski from Mak Marketing.

The matches was played in four clubs: Target, RSP, Camei and Mall. During the first stage players competed in Robin Round system (groups). Surprisingly Melkonyan Babken - the winner of the Dynamic Best in 2010 dropped out at this stage. It is worth to mention that Babken suffers from health issues and that why he plays in reversed position (played the left hand and now is trying with the right hand). Stanimir Ruslanov   (BUL) played very well in knock out stage and eliminated two Poles - Miaszko Fortuński (7:1), Michal Lichodziejewski (8:5) and Robert Braga from Romania (8:2). The win of young Konrad Juszczyszyn from Poland with experienced Goran Mladenović from Serbia (7:2) was also a big surprise. Then he defeated Nikolai Bekiarov from Bulgaria (8:2). In the same time  Sandor Tot eliminated two Bulgarian players: Kalin Verbanow (8:2) and Kristian Spasov (8:3). The winner of the tournament in his way to the final defeated Maximilian Simonescu from Romania (7:0), Ivan Pravtshevem from Bulgaria (7:1) and Raul Maican from Romania (8:5). Both semifinals ended with the score 8:5. In match between Tot and Juszczyszyn the experience of the first one was the way to success. Konrad had started with leading but then he didn't keep calm and lost the match. In contest Gindać - Ruslanov the player from Romania  made less mistakes. In a final Tot was not able to deal with stress and was much more concentrated on his image than on playing. It was a show o behaviour from previous age. This very good player sometimes forgets that the times has changed. Gindać took the advantage and consequently was getting next points.

"It wasn't my best tournament. I made to many mistakes, but the rivals made more than me. I am very happy of this victory" said Cristian.

Amongst juniors (under 16) the best was Martin Stankov from Bulgariia who won two matches in group.

The represenatives of municipality took part in oppening and closing ceremony. The Olympic Champion in box was the special guest. Thanks for the tournament preparation for Bulgarian Billiard Federation with its President - Ivan Kamenarski and the owners of the clubs where the matches were played. The director of the tournament - Marcin Krzeminski decided to hire for the competition only referees from the host country - Rosita Apostolova, Ani Angelova and Vladimir Popov. " I would like to create in a next few years an international group of referees, who will work during Mak Marketing and European Billiard Council events. It will also bring many benefits for national federations" said M. Krzeminski.

The next Dynamic Best of the East tournament will take place on 24-25.08.2013 in Romania.

Spasian Spasov (BUL) 4 8 Sandor Tot (SRB)
Nikolai Beciarov (BUL) 2 8 Konrad Juszczyszyn (POL)
Raul Maicam (ROU) 5 8 Cristian Gindać (ROU)
Robert Braga (ROU) 2 8 Stanimir Ruslanov (BUL)
Sandor Tot (SRB) 8 5 Konrad Juszczyszyn (POL)
Cristian Gindać (ROU) 8 5 Stanimir RUslanov (BUL)
Sandor Tot (SRB) 6 8 Cristan Gindać (ROU)

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Dynamic Best of the East 2013 - Burgas.
Dynamic Best of the East 2013 - Burgas.
The winner - Cristian Gindać.

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