After a dramatic final Radoslaw Babica became the winner of Dynamic Best of the East – Romania 10-Ball in Bucharest. The leader of the ranking is still Ioan Ladany who got the second place in TAC Club. Babken Melkonyan and Radu Anghel from Romania won the bronze medals. 84 players from 7 countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Israel, Moldova, Lebanon and Belgium) played in the tournament.

In a final match Babica was leading 2:0. Few moments later was 3:2 for Ladany and then 3:3. After next three breaks score went to 6:3 for Ladany and it looked like he would be a winner. Yet Babica took advantage of his experience and won next three breaks. In a last break Ladany had a chance to win but did not manage a pressure and eventually Babica became the winner. The special awards were given to Mihaela Ghiorghiu (the best woman), Danilo Ionescu and Ionut Simion (the best juniors). The tournament in Romania was a big debut of TAC Club. All participants had a great pleasure to play at wonderful brand new Dynamic III tables covered with Iwan Simonis 860 cloth and equipped with glittering Aramith Super Pro TV balls. It is not surprising that there were no protests. In general the favourites won their matches but not always with big advantge.

The medalists
I. Ladany 7 2 C. Gondac 7:2
R. Anghel 7 2 I. Simion 7:2
R. Babica 7 4 C. Ovidiu 7:4
B. Melkonyan 7 2 D. Ionescu 7:2
I. Ladany 7 2 R. Anghel
R. Babica 7 1 B. Melkonyan
R. Babica 7 6 I. Ladany

The competition was lead by Marcin Krzeminski – cycle director and Rosita Apostolova (BUL), Ivan Kamenarski (BUL) and Alexandru Balas (ROM).

Two Romanian TV stations informed about the tournament. An interesting idea was to organize on the second day a separate tournament for the people who dropped out during the first day. ATD Dynamic provided very atractive prizes. Dan Afriat from Israel and Yevgeny Iliashenko from Moldova won the vouchers for stays in Transylvania.

Many thanks to the owner of TAC Club – Marius Ancuca and the president of ATD Dynamic Bilard from Bucharest – Adrian Tabacaru.

The last tournament of 2014 cycle will take place in Debica (Poland) on 27th-28th September.

Participants with Marcin Krzeminski
Finalists with Marius Acuca
Final match
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