International Billiard Academy

The idea of creating the International Billiard Academy came up in 2012 during the East European Billiard Council board meeting. Billiard associations and clubs from Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania and Czech Rep. were the first participants of the program. The first event, as a part of the program, took place in 2012 in Romania. It was also the first meeting of the pyramid players from Poland, Slovakia and Czech Rep.

The local cooperation between Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Rep. and Lithuania started in 2013 and focused on participation in billiard tournaments.

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The real breakthrough in the IBA activities took place in 2014. It started with Polish-Israeli training in Haifa. Then, players from Poland, Belarus, Russia, Slovakia and Bulgaria, met in summertime in Chernomorets (Bulgaria). Also the cycle of EEBC Junior Cup started. The Romanian idea was to play the friendly billiard matches before the Dynamic Best of the East tournaments. In the autumn players from Israel came to Poland and competed in Mikolow and Krakow. Thanks to the cooperation with the local authorities young players from Poland went to Kaunas (Lithuania), Pardubice (Czech Rep.) and Kanianka (Slovakia) and youth from Slovakia visited Debica, Bodzentyn, Bilcza and Kielce in Poland.

In 2015 teams from Poland and Israel trained together and visited both countries. The youth from could take part in the tournaments in Poland, Slovakia and Czech Rep. Later the international group of players trained during the summer camp in Golden Sands in Bulgaria. Also senior players from Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus played the friendly matches.

The most important event of 2016 was the ‘International Billiard Festival – Kielce 2016’. 232 players (senior, juniors, and disabled) from 21 countries took part in this event. The IBA focused also on the international billiard matches which took place in Slovakia, Czech Rep. Romania and Poland. Also the youngest players had a chance to compete – they met in Lodz, Pardubice and Ruzomberok.

The plan for 2017 assumes to involve 15 countries and the number of the players will cross 400. Kielce will be again the host of the International Billiard Festival. The friendly billiard matches in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia will be continued as well as the juniors’ competition in Ruzomberok, Pardubice and Kielce. Team from Lithuania will visit Ketrzyn and the pyramid players will meet in Lithuania, Spain, Bulgaria and Germany. It is going to be the first time when old boys are to compete together.

The budget of the IBA consisted of the members’ fees and the financial support from the local governments, national billiard organizations and private companies.

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