III Polish Pyramid Championships took place in Contact Kielce Billiard Centre on the 8 February. Players from Kielce, Krakow, Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Radom, Jedrzejow and Debica joined the competition. Jan Nieweglowski from Idoslubu.pl Kielce became the winner.

All of the favourites got to the semifinal. Amongst them were Mariusz Skoneczny – the winner of the previous year tournament, who was defeated by Jan Nieweglowski. In the second semifinal met both bronze medalists from previous year – Michal Kedzior and Maciej Zycinski. M. Kedzior won 3:2.

In the final match Nieweglowski defeated Kedzior 3:2.

‘It has been the third time we played Polish Championships in Pyramid. It is obvious that we know more and more about this game. I wonder if t its enough to achieve successeses at international tournaments and I am afraid that not yet’ said Marcin Krzeminski – the President of EEBC.

Championships were organized by East European Billiard Council supported by Polish Billiard Association and TVSports.pl

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