Michal Turkowski from Nosan Kielce became the winner of the first in Poland comercial pyramid tournament. In the final match defeated Jan Nieweglowski 3:0. TVSports.pl provided live streaming from semifinals and final. The organizers of the event were Mak Marketing and EEBC.

19 people took part in the tournament played in ‘Contact’ Billiard Centre in Kielce. Players competed in 2 groups and the best two from each group met in semifinals. As not many of Polish billiard players are experienced in pyramid there were no certain favourites. In the first semifinal M. Turkowski won with Pawlik 3:0. In the second match Nieweglowski defeated Pasternak 3:1. Though Turkowski made some mistakes in the final match won the competition 3:0.

‘Pyramid is a very interesting discipline. I am trying to encourage pool players to play it. For a few years high prizes have been provided in pyramid tournaments. I organize 5 international events (in Germany, Czech Rep., Bulgaria, Spain and Latvia). I also play pyramid with a pleasure and took part in this competition but did not get to the semifinal’ said the President of EEBC Marcin Krzeminski. The name of the tournament comes from the name of the President of Billiard Federation in Kazakhstan. This event will be played in Kielce.

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