The decision to establish the IBA was made in 2012, but the Academy was first launched in 2014 with a visit of Polish players to Israel. The 5-member team trained with ISPA players, as well as had a chance to tour Israel. In the same year, billiard players from Israel visited Poland. In the summer of 2014, an international billiard camp was held in Chernomorec, Bulgaria, with the participation of Polish, Belarusian, Slovak, Russian and Bulgarian players.

Polish junior players competed against those from Lithuania (Kaunas), Slovakia (Kanianka) and the Czech Republic (Pardubice). The junior team from Poprad was in Poland playing matches in Dębica, Bodzentyn, Kielce and Bilcza. The EEBC Junior Cup was also launched.


In 2015, the second international EEBC camp was held in Golden Sands Town, Bulgaria, with the participation of players from: Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Serbia, Romanian, Russia, Lithuania and Belarus.


In 2016, the junior players competed in Pardubice, Łódź and Ružomberok. Friendly matches were also played by teams from Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


In 2017, friendly matches were played by teams from Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania, and the EEBC Junior Cup was held in: Ružomberok, Pardubice and Kielce. Billiard players from Lithuania came to Kętrzyn (Poland), while pyramid enthusiasts participated in tournaments in Barcelona (Spain), Vilnius (Lithuania), Varna (Bulgaria), Hamburg (Germany) and Kielce (Poland). In subsequent years, the EEBC Pyramid Tour was converted into a stand-alone series of ranking tournaments, outside the supervision of the IBA.


In 2018, the Academy's activities focused on the EEBC TEAM CHALLENGE friendly tournament series, which was played before the Dynamic Billard Best of the East event.

A total of four such tournaments were held: in Petrich, Chisinau, Bratislava and Oradea. Approximately 140 players participated in them.

As always, a FEDERAL CUP match between Slovakia and the Czech Republic was organised. This time the host city was Prague. The countries were represented by five players each.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Slovak Billiard Association in Bratislava, the country hosted the EEBC team with players from Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

The main event of the Academy is the International Billiard Festival. It was held for the third time in Kielce with the participation of approximately 300 players from 16 countries.


In 2019 new events were introduced, including: Afri-East Euro Cup, the 1st EEBC Junior Championship in 9-Ball and the EEBC Fast 9-Ball.

Afri-East Euro Cup, a match between the EEBC national team and the African national team (AAPA), took place in Johannesburg in June 2019. The EEBS team was made up of: M. Skoneczny (POL), P. Urban (CZ), A. Sieroshtan (RUS) and V. Patsura (UKR), who won 4:2.

The 1st EEBC Junior Championship (boys) was held in Petrich, Bulgaria in March 2019 20 players from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

EEBC Fast 9-Ball is a dynamic 9-ball variation tournament, where a player is given only 10 seconds to make a move. The event is a test for changes in the sports system. It makes matches more attractive and interesting for the audience. The EEBC has organised two such tournaments in Bratislava and Petrich.

Training courses for instructors and referees were also held in those two cities.

The IBA fund covered the participation in the International Billiard Festival - Kielce 2019 of teams from: Belarus, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Albania. The teams from Albania and Ukraine also received funding to take part in the Dynamic Billiard Best of the East in Bratislava.

Unfortunately, due to the illness of the IBA director, the activity of the Academy was curbed to a large extent. The Board appointed a new Secretary General of the Academy George Bozhkov from Bulgaria. As part of the IBA, a friendly match between Bulgaria and Poland was played in Petrich.


Year 2020 The coronavirus pandemic put the International Billiard Academy (IBA) programme to a halt. The IBA fund was used to cover the participation of players in the EEBC Junior Cup in Bratislava and the Dynamic Billiard Best of the East in Kielce. The EEBC subsidised the costs of stay of players from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

A new initiative was the Balkan Billiard League, with 5 tournaments planned for players from Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Greece. The first tournament was held in Pristina. The total of 75 players competed. The top three on the podium were: 1. Eklet Kaci (ALB), 2.Valdrim Bllaca (KOS), 3. Dilian Tiklev (BUL).


The year 2021 was another year marked by the pandemic.

In the summer that year, a Summer Billiard Camp was held in Ljubaništa by Lake Ohrid for participants from Poland and Slovakia.

The pandemic put the International Billiard Academy (IBA) programme to a halt. The IBA fund was used to cover the participation of players in the EEBC Championship and the Dynamic Billiard Best of the East, both held in Kielce. The EEBC subsidised the costs of stay of players from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

In Poland, the Junior Technique Master event was launched, with 169 junior players participating. The tournaments were organised by nine clubs.


In 2022, a new event was held - a match against the Scandinavian national team. The Eastern-Nordic Cup was played in Kętrzyn. The team from the Nordic Billiard Council won 4:3. In Kielce, on the other hand, the EEBC team competed against the African national team for the second time. The Afri-East Euro Cup ended with the victory of the EEBC 5:1. The matches were financed with the Academy funds, subsidies from Partners and grants from the City of Kętrzyn and the City of Kielce.

In Sozopol, 20 billiard activists from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Romania participated in the EEBC Summer Conference.

In Kielce, the 3rd EEBC Junior Championships were held with over 100 players. Financial support was granted to the junior players from Romania.

The table below shows spending from the budget of the International Billiard Academy broken down into individual years:
YearSubsidised amounts for players of the EEBC PLZ-EURO
In total:86,420 PLN = 18,000 EUR

The Academy fund was established from deductions from the entry fees for the Dynamic Best of the East series, POL TOUR tournaments, donations from individuals, contributions from Partners, deductions from the entry fees for the EEBC Pyramid Tour tournaments, EEBC Junior Cup, grants from the Ministry of Sport in Poland, the Marshal of the Swietokrzyskie Province and the municipal authorities of the cities of Ketrzyn and Kielce.

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Marcin Krzemiński

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