The first event of the EEBC Pyramid Tour 2018 will start in Warsaw in days 3-4 February.  The owner of the club wants to prepare the best conditions for the game.  Sebastian Wasilewski from EEBC is responsible for handling the tournament. This is his first tournament in a new job.  Participation in the tournament has been confirmed by competitors from Cyprus, Spain and Poland. 

For several years, EEBC pyramid tournaments have been very popular. Over 120 athletes from 11 countries were classified in the Pyramid Tour ranking.

This year players will meet in Warsaw, Berlin, Kielce, Varna and Villinius.  The series of Pyramid Tour is open for players from West and Central Europe. 

Top 8 of Pyramid Tour Ranking

Arutyunyan Gagik • 415 Lublin
Kovalevskiy Konstantin • 360 Heidelberg
Parijer Lubov • 305 Riga
Darvin Maksim • 285 Berlin
Jangurazov Radif • 280 Prague
Nykanen Juho • 245 Kotka
Kim Valery • 230 Berlin
Voroncova Svetlana • 220 Liepaja
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