Kielce 04.12.2012


2012 European Billiard Council Report


European Billiard Council is now celebrating the first anniversary of its establishment. All the main organizational and sports goals were achieved in such a short period of time.

EBC program has been actively created by the national federations of Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Estonia, Russia, Slovakia and Belarus. The program is supported by partners from Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania and Latvia as well. Israel Pool, Snooker and Carom Federation has recently joined the group.

Companies from Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Japan, Belarus and Romania were engaged in promotion and development of billiard sport in Eastern Europe. We assume that other companies will offer their support in 2013.

EBC website informs on regular basis about EBC activities and it works very well. It is of great importance that the website is available in two languages – English and Russian.

The highest purpose of European Billiard Council is promotion and development of billiard sport. Pool billiard and pyramid were the areas we focused on during the first year of our activity.

We wanted to enable a big group of players to play in international competitions as well. We dreamed to engage 400 participants in our project. Today we may confirm that this target is achieved. During the past year participated in our tournaments 830 athletes – 664 in pool billiard and 166 in pyramid.

Below is the list of events we organized with the location and numbers of participants:

  1. Dynamic Best of the East 10 Ball – Hungary, Bulgaria, Czech Rep., Estonia, Poland – 259 people;
  2. Olympic – Online Baltic Pool League – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – 143 people;
  3. Pyramid Tour – Slovakia, Poland, Czech Rep. – 40 people;
  4. Silk way – Pyramid World Cup – Sudak (Ukraine) – 126 people;
  5. Brno Open – Czech Rep. – 70 people;
  6. Grand Prix of Poland for disabled athletes – Poland and Daubne Cup Wheelchair Cup – Slovakia – 52 people;
  7. Mixed Cup – Poland – 28 people;
  8. EBC Pro Team Cup – Ukraine – 30 people;
  9. Qualification event for WC 8 Ball – 27 people;
  10. Qualification event for World Pool Masters – 17 people;
  11. Havier Memorial – Slovakia – 38 people.

After the analysis we calculated that 23 % of players had taken part in a few tournaments. It means that we had over 550 names on the ranking lists. It is an amazing success!!! The offer of European Billiard Council attracted such a big number of people to international competition. We may say that many of them would not have participated in an international tournament in 2012 without our initiative.

We are sure that the number of players would have been higher if not the damaging activities of European Pocket Billiard Federation.

Additionally - EBC is cooperating in realization of European Billiard Academy of Champions – the project supported by European Union. The representatives of 5 federations: Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Czech Republic participate in the project. 45 people took part in the trainings organized in all mentioned countries.

EBC was promoting Kremlin Cup and World Pool Masters as well. We provided financial support for  2 players who took part in World Championships in 8 Ball, 3 players who participated in Kremlin Cup and 4 players who started in World Pool Masters.

We decided to establish a group of instructors, coaches and referees to support our activities. They are going to start their work in 2013.

The Board of EBC took an action to establish two International Training Centers. The first of them will start to work in 2013 in Bulgaria. The second one is planned for 2014 in Poland.

We wouldn’t achieve that without efficiency and engagement of the people involved in development of billiard sport in Eastern Europe. Hereby the Board of European Billiard Council would like to thank them all.


President EBC

Marcin Krzeminski


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