Tomasz Kaplan became the winner of Czech 10-Ball in Prague. Player of Nosan-Galeria Echo Kielce in a final match defeated Karol Skowerski - his friend from club.

Players from Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, Australia and Israel came to Harfa Club. Poles were considered as favorites and they proved that are the best. Beside Kaplan and Skowerski also Marek Derek (Konslnet Warsaw) and Mariusz Skoneczny (Lipinski Dachy Tomaszow Mazowiecki) took place on the podium. Dynamic Best of the  East for the last time in Czech capital was played in 2002 and Krzysztof Gastman from Warsaw became the winner. Stefan Hovorka from Bilard Centrum Prague took the role of the host after 11 yeras and we have to admit that he shown his best side. There was a special poster, table for the final match placed in a hall of Harfa Gallery, free food tickets for all players and really clean tables. Great thanks and congratulations for all staff preparing the tournament.

During the first day players were competing in groups. The defeat in first stage of Piotr Kudlik - Polish Champion was a big surprise. Amongst 9 women participating Dynamic Best of the East in Prague Victoria Nagorna from Ukraine was the one who got to next stage. Ben Moti Simon from Israel pleased us as he was the only from his team who took second place in group and got further.

The Sunday's stage started without any surprises. In a group of gest 16 playeres were: 11 from Poland, 1 from Bulgaria, 3 from Czech Rep. and 1 from Ukraine. Match between European Champion - Tomasz Kaplan and Michal Gavenciak (CZ) was very exciting as Michal was leading 5:1 to finally lost 6:7. Radoslaw Babica (PL) won with Stanimir Ruslanov (BG) 7:6 and Marek Hajdovsky (CZ) was better than Marek Kudlik (PL) (7:5). In quarterfinals Hajdovsky and Vitaly Patsura (UKR) were the only players outside Poles. Patsura defeated Mieszko Fortunski (PL) 7:3. Lots of people were watching the match between the winner of World Pool Masters - Karol Skowerski (PL) and 2013 European Champion - Mateusz Sniegocki (PL). Similarly to the WPM final Skowerski was better and won 7:3.

In quarterfinals matches were not tight. Marek Derek defeated M. Hajdovsky 7:3, T. Kaplan won 7:2 with Patsura, K. Skowerski  was better than Konrad Piekarski (PL) - 7:0 and Mariusz Skoneczny (PL) won 7:3 with R. Babica.

Also the semifinals went fast - Kaplan defeated M. Derek 7:4 and K. Skowerski defeated M. Skoneczny 7:2. In a final match Skowerski started well and was leading 3:0 but later Kaplan was dominating and won 7:3.

Detailed results:

Thanks for the event preparing and help in its organization to sponsors: Dynamic Billard Organization from Germany, Iwan Simonis from Belgium, Aramith from Belgium, Bilard Centrum from Czech  Rp. and Harfa Club. We would like to thank also the main referee - Ziemowit Janaszek (PL) and preparations coordinator - Daniel Pokryvka (CZ). The cups and prizes for the winners were given by: Marcin Krzeminski - the President of European Billiard Council and Stefan Hovorka from Billard Centrum Prague.

The next tournament of Dynamic Best of the East cycle will take place in Burgas (Bulgaria) - 13-14 July 2013.

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