Dynamic Best of the East 2013 cycle is finished. Polish player – Mieszko Fortunski from Bandaclub Sky Tower Wroclaw became the best player of the season. The tournaments organized by Mak Marketing Company and its partners took place in Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia. 241 people from 13 countries were classified in the ranking.

„It was difficult but interesting season. I am very thankful my partners for their support and hospitality. Promotion of billiard sport in Eastern Europe is really needful. Dynamic Best of the East is the cheapest and most easily available cyclical competition in Europe. After years of break we came back in 2013 to Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. It is our common big success” concluded the director of the cycle – Marcin Krzeminski.

Slovakia 10-Ball

The fifth and the last tournament took place in Arena Club in Ruzomberok in Slovakia on 21-22.09.2013. Players from Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia took part in the competition. According to the predictions Polish players became the winners but for sure not these particular people were considered as a gold and silver medalists. Mieszko Fortunski and Konrad Juszczyszyn were standing on the podium in this season but the favourites were European champions: Mateusz Sniegocki, Tomasz Kaplan or Mariusz Skoneczny. Amongst the main rivals  of polish stras were for example Jaroslav Polach (SK), David Zalman (CZ), Stanimir Ruslanov (BUL) and Ioan Ladany (ROM). Meanwhile in the group stage we saw some surprises. Kaplan, Polach and European Championhsips team bronze medalist – B. Rozwadowski did not get to the best 16. Not even one player from Slovakia got to the next stage what was often commented by local funs. Karol Skowerski eliminated players from Czech Rep. and Romania. The winner of World Pool Masters 2012 defeated Zalman 7:4 and Ladany 7:0, who before had won with Ruslanov 7:2. In the same time Fortunski sent Sniegocki back home. To the semifinals got only players from Polish BIlliard Association. M. Fortunski defeated K. Skowerski 7:3 and K. Juszczyszyn was better than W. Sroczynski and won 7:4. It is worth to mention that Wojciech Sroczynski in this month became the winner of the Challenge of Champions – Galeria Echo Cup in Poland and Konrad Juszczyszyn was third in Dynamic Best of the East in Bulgaria. In a final we could see a big dominance of Fortunski who won 7:1 and became th winner of Slovakia 10-Ball and this year cycle. The best junior player was Krystian Cwikla and in women’s competition the best was Maria Levova from Bulgaria. National Television from Slovakia was informing about the results of the tournament. On-line results were provided by TVSport.pl.

Thanks to Marek Potas – the owner of Arena Club and Slovakian Billiard Association for financial suport for their players. In out of the ordinary role of the leader of the tournament we could see the President of Polish Billiard Association – Grzegorz Kedzierski.

Dynamic Best of the East 2013

It was the 10 season when the main organizer of the cycle was Mak Marketing Company from Kielce lead by Marcin Krzeminski. In 2013 the most important partners were: Swietokrzyskie Billiard Association from Kielce, Billiard Centrum Prague – Stefan Hovorka, Bulgarian Billiard Federation –Ivan Kamenarski, ATD Dynamic Bucharest – Adrian and Maria Tabacuru and Arena Club Ruzomberok – Marek Potas. The sponsors of the cycle were: Dynamic Billard Organization from Germany, Iwan Simonis, Saluc from Belgium and Kamui from Japan. The patronage was performed by European Billiard Council – the organization promoting billiard sport in Eastern Europe. For the first time the competition was controlled by the referees from Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Romania.

In the best 10 of this season there are 7 players from Poland, 2 from Bulgaria and 1 from Romania. In 2012 the leader – Karol Skowerski collected 560 points and the vice champion – Radoslaw Babica had 160 point less. In this year the advantage of Mieszko Fortunski was not as big as year before. He got 507,5 points and the second in this season – M. Lichodziejewski 450 points. The record-holder of the Dynamic Best of the East is Radoslaw Babica who collected 590 points in 2011 and the second was Tomasz Kaplan with 525 points. The smallest advantage over the second player had Melkonyan Babken who got 500 points and won with Radoslaw Babica who collected 491,25 points. The next season will start in the spring 2014. Mak Marketing is holding talks with the hosts of the events.

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