Karol Skowerski (PL) for the third time in this season got to the final of 2012 Dynamic Best of the East and for the second time won this tournament. In spite of loosing 2:6 with Jaroslav Polach (SK) in the final match, finally player from Kielce defeated the opponent  8:7. Skowerski can be called the leader of 2012 ranking.

95 players from 9 countries (Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria) came to Burgas. In the beginning it was set down that 64 players may participate in this event, but such a big number of takers caused that the tournament was played in three places: shopping center Mall Galleria, Cameo Club and RSP Club. Bulgarian Billiard Federation provided free accommodation to all of the players!!! In the opening ceremony took part Vice-president of Burgas – Krasimir Stoichev, Board Member of World Confederation of Billiard Sports – Marcin Krzeminski, President of BBF – Ivan Kamieniarski and Vice-president of Ukrainian National Sportive Billiard Federation – Andrey Zastrovtsev. According to the tradition, in the first part of the tournament, players competed in groups. Two best sportsmen from each group got to the knockout stage.

First stage results were not surprising but we have to congratulate two ladies – Kristiana Zlateva (BG) and Viktoria Nagorna (UA) – both got to the final stage. Great emotions came, when the favorites of the competition fought between themselves. First players who dropped out of the tournament were Z. Tsonkov, L. Georgiev, S. Ruslanov (all from Bulgaria), and Y. Novosad (UA). 1/16 of the games turned out as the end for A. Klasovic (RS), who lost 6:7 with K. Piekarski (PL) and Z. Mahajlovski (MK) who was defeated 3:7 by R. Braga (RO). It is worth to mention that Klasovic played very well in Bourgas – in 1/16 was leading 6:4. In quarterfinals leader of the ranking – Karol Skowerski stopped the last of Bulgarian players – Nikol Aramenkov, Jaroslav Polach won with Michał Turkowski (PL), Robert Braga was slightly better than K. Piekarski and Bartosz Rozwadowski (PL) eliminated Jakub Koniar (SK). In semifinals twice we saw the score ‘8:7’. In the first match Skowerski was better than Braga. Romanian player started very well and was leading 4:1 but Skowerski made up for his lost and drove the match score to draw 7:7. In last break Braga made a mistake and lost the game. In the match between Polach and Rozwadowski won player from Slovakia. Here situation was quite similar – Polach had a nice advantage – lead 5:2 but the match took too long and referee decided to reduce the time for striking. That distracted Jaroslav and Rozwadowski took his chance and was leading 7:6. Polish player could even win but wasn’t precise enough what caused that lost two breaks and Slovakian player became the winner. Final match between Skowerski and Polach can be shown as a perfect example of that it is worth to fight to the last end. Jaroslav played fantastic and was leading 4:0. After next four breaks the score was 6:2 and it figured that he will win the tournament. Unexpectedly during his next three strikes none ball got to the pocket and Skowerski scored. Meanwhile Polish player was effective in 100% during breaking. The score was 6:6. Few minutes later it was 7:6 and 8:6 for Skowerski who became the winner. “I played very well but weak breaking and two mistakes during striking caused that I’ve lost” summed up Polach. Skowerski won 1.050 € and flight ticket to Moscow on Kremlin Cup which was founded by Moscow Billiard Federation – the organizer of the tournament with 50 000 $ prize money. This event will take place in November.

Marcin Krzeminski – Director of Dynamic Best of the East Tournaments and Ivan Kamieniarski – President of Bulgarian Billiard Federation handed over the prizes. “It was my first time when I was co-organizer of such a big international tournament. I’m very contended that so many players came and all of them were satisfied with the competition” said Ivan. “For me it’s a fantastic thing that in Burgas played 30 players from Bulgaria, 25 from Romania, 9 from Serbia, 8 from Macedonia and few new players from Russia and Ukraine. It shows that the regional cooperation, which is developed and popularized by European Billiard Council, is incredibly important. During the financial crisis it was meaningful that BBF provided free accommodation for players in a very attractive city. Many people combined tournament with relax on the seaside. Congratulations for the host” concluded Marcin Krzeminski. Competition referees were: Piotr Kaminski (PL) – court referee, Andrzej Siejko (PL), Vladimir Popov (BG) and Rosita Apostolova (BG). Great thanks to general sponsors: Dynamic Billiard Organization from Germany, Iwan Simonis from Belgium and for the municipality of Burgas. The next tournament will take place in Tallin (Estonia) on 22-23 September.

More information about Dynamic Best of The East Tournaments on the organizer's website: www.makmarketing.pl

Opening ceremony
-J. Polach (SK), K. Skowerski (PL), I. Kamienarski (president BBF), R. Braga (RO) and B. Rozwadowski (PL)
Finalists and referee Rosita Apostolova (BG)
Participants promoting action: SAY NO! TO DOPING
N. Armenkov (BG) and V. Nagornaja (UA)
S. Ruslanov (BG)
After the tournament: K. Walach (CZ) and referees: A. Siejko (PL), P. Kaminski (PL)
Sunny beach

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