The fourth tournament of the Dynamic Best of the East 2015 cycle was played in TAC Club in Bucharest.

Konrad Piekarski from Poland won the competition. Radostin Dimov from Bulgaria got the silver medal and Jakub Koniar from Slovakia and Raul Maican from Romania got the bronze medals.

67 players from 5 countries joined the competition. Amongst the favorites were players from Poland J. Koniar and few representatives of host team: I. Ladany, M. Braga or M. Toadera. Most of the players from Romania dropped out during the first day of the tournament. The last of them – Raul Maican was defeated by K. Piekarski in semifinal. It was good tournament for players from Bulgaria – R. Dimov defeated M. Fortunski (POL) and J. Koniar and got to the final.

Mihaela Ghorgiu from Romania – the best player amongst the women and junior – Ben Dvash from Bulgaria got the special distinctions.

Many thanks to the hosts: ATD Dynamic Compay from Bucharest and TAC Club.
The main referee was Alexandru Balas from Romania.

B. Melkonyan (ROM) 4 7 J. Koniar (SVK)
R. Dimov (BUL) 7 6 M. Boychev (BUL)
C. Ovidiu (ROM) 5 7 K. Piekarski (POL)
R. Maican (ROM) 7 4 A. Ungureanu (ROM)
K. Piekarski (POL) 7 2 R. Miacan (ROM)
J. Koniar (SVK) 6 7 R. Dimov (BUL)
K. Piekarski (POL) 7 2 R. Dimov (BUL)
General ranking top:
1 Ioan Ladanyi (ROM) 275 pts.
2 Mieszko Fortunski (POL) 210 pts.
Marian Toader (ROM) 210 pts.
4 Konrad Piekarski (POL) 200 pts.
5 Mariusz Skoneczny (POL) 165 pts.
6 Vojtech Stofko (SVK) 155 pts.
7 Radostin Dimov (BUL) 140 pts.
8 Lubomir Pindiak (SVK) 130 pts.
Martin Boychev (BUL) 130 pts.
Mihail Braga (ROM) 130 pts.

The last tournament of 2015 cycle will take place on 16-17th October in Cue Ball Club in Belgrade (Serbia).

Players and organizers.
The winner Konrad Piekarski.

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