Mariusz Skoneczny from Duet Lipinski Dachy Tomaszow Mazowiecki Club won Polish billiard ranking 2013 and got a car - Chevrolet Spark.

With a support from sponsors Mak Marketing Comapny have been giving cars the best pool billiard players since 2009. In 2009 Mateusz Sniegocki won Opel Corsa and also in 2012 he got Chevrolet Spark. Radoslaw Babica got Chevrolet Spark in 2010, Konrad Piekarski was the best in 2011 and won Fiat Punto. "I am very happy that i was the best in 2013 ranking. During the Championships of Poland which was the lat competition in this year I didn't play very well in 8 and 9-ball. The opponents made up for the lost points from Grand Prix WiK POL TOUR and the situation became very nervous. I won with my most dangerous rival - Wojtek Szewczyk in 1/16 and Marek Kudlik, who could also win with me in a race to a car, was defeated by Tomek Kaplan. The bronze medal in 10-ball was enough to became the owner of a new car" said Mariusz Skoneczny. "I would like to thank the companies: Brześć, Konsalnet, Cleaner, WiK, Tor and POL MOT Auto for their support in buying this car. For 5 years polish billiard players were able to win a wonderful prize. I have never heard about something like that in any other country" emphasised very glad owner of Mak Marketing Company - Marcin Krzeminski.

Photo: Mariusz Skoneczny with his new car.

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