42 players from Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Romania took part in a first tournament of the EBC Pyramid Tour cycle which took place in Berlin. It was the highest attendance during last two years. Siergiej Vasilov from Ukraine became the winner and in a final match defeated Danil Hajet from Germany. The cups for the third place went to Artur Zargatshan and Aleksandr Mackov from Germany.

The tournament was opened by the President of the Pyramid Comission of European Billiard Council - Veniamin Jakovlev, who welcomed the players and informed about the sport plans of EBC for 2014. According to the assumptions of the pyramid developement in Western and Middle Europe, EBC would like to invite to playing only amateurs, excluding people taking part in professional contests in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or other countries of the former USSR. Players from Ukraine were exceptionally aloud to play in Berlin and it was not surprise that one of them - Sergiej Vasilov became the winner. In a future they won't be on the competitors lists.

EBC Pyramid Tour started two years ago. The part of the cycle were the events in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain and Germany. EBC also initiated arising of two pyramid sections in Poland and organized championships for men and juniors. EBC is planning to organize pyramid tournaments in Bulgaria, Romania and Israel.

Word of appreciation for the event in Berlin should go to the host and the Vicepresident of EBC, Dmytro Novokshenov.

Photo gallery and results available on: http://www.pyramide.ru-berlin.de/

The next tournament in Calpe (Spain) on 17-18.05.2014.

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