On 9-13 December in Kielce will take place the Championships of Poland for Men and Women in Pool Billiard. The competitors will play in 8,9 and 10-ball. Chevrolet Spark and financing the participation in Euro Tour and Dynamic Best of the East 2014 tournaments are the prize for the winner of 2013 Polish ranking.

The ranking is based on the scores from following events: 6 Grand Prix Poland WiK POL TOUR tournaments and 3 disciplines of billiard played during Polish Championships. Mariusz Skoneczny from Lipinski Dachy Tomaszow Mazowiecki Club, who colected 180 pts has the biggest chance for the voctory. The second is Wojciech Szewczyk from Konsalnet Warszawa - 150 pts, the third is Wojciech Sroczyński from MUKS Bilard Studio Warszawa - 148 pts and the fourth is Tomasz Kaplan from Nosan-Galeria Echo Kielce - 144 pts. Amongst the women the favourites are ladies from Kielce: Katarzyna Wesolowska and Oliwia Czuprynska. The Championships will be organized in 4-star hotel "Binkowski". Free of charge on-line transmision will be possible to watch on www.tvsports.pl.

Photo: The venue

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