Young billiard players from Kostomloty, Bodzentyn and Wislica visited Kaunas on June 13 - 15 as a part of the International Billiard Academy program.

They played with their age-mates from Lithuania and watched the matches of EBC Team Cup. ' I am very happy that we can be the host of this event. I hope that our youth will go soon to Poland' said Tomas Brikmanis - the President of Lthuanian Pool Federation. Dawid Kuzniakowski from 'UKS Milek Chotel Czerwony' became the winner in 8-ball competition and in a final match defeated Pawel Marek from 'UKS Kostomloty'. Ignas Norvais from Kaunas and Szymon Ignacka from 'UKS Milek Chotel Czerwony' won the third place. Congratulations for the keepres for the success of their pupils. Guests from Poland  had also time for sightseeing the old town of Kaunas.

Youth from Poland and Lithuania with their keepers
Tomas Brikmanis with the winner - Dawid Kuzniakowski

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