On application on Lithuania Billiard Federation the trainer course took place in Rokietnica (near Poznan), Poland. The candidates participated in classes conducted by the most titled Polish billiard player - Radoslaw Babica.

"It was not a group of the beginners. They had some experience and some of the candidates already took some courses with well-known trainers. I think that the exchanging experience concerning running a billiard club, organizing youth sport groups and local sport competition system was a very interesting part of our course. It is the area where Poland has a lot of success so there are many things we can talk about" concluded Babica. The course could materialise thanks to support from European Billiard Federation. Lithuania Billiard Federation got also financial support for this activity from European Union. In general EBC have billiard trainers in Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

Photo: The course participants with their teacher (in the middle).

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