The Billiard Club KEIGHT hosted an international tournament for juniors in Trencin. It was attended by 35 players from Poland, The Czech Republic and Slovakia. The winner was Kamil Sząszor (PL), who beat Bohdan Ivanets  ( CZ) 6:5.

The competition organized under the auspices of the EBC is another good idea for regional cooperation. Host of the event in 2013 was Slovakia. According to the agreement in the next year the young billiard players will meet in Czech Republic  and in 2015 in Poland.

The picturesque Trencin attracted 12 players from Czech Republic, 15 from Poland and 9 from different regions of Slovakia. On Saturday, the game was carried out, round robin. As the  match went very smoothly, also on Saturday there was held the first round of the knockout stage. On Sunday was just the best eight. The tournament in Trencin could be a preparation for the European Championships. Due to the high costs of it Slovaks do not plan to send a team to Sarajevo. On the Polish side there was exhibited only one team player – Kamil Sząszor from Arkadia Tczew. Other participants were people with no international experience. We want the EBC to be open not only for pool players of masthead. “Our event should be a place for staff training and the development of regional integration” – said the President of the EBC Marcin Krzemiński. The heads of school clubs did not hide the satisfaction with the formula. “My players went abroad  for the first time in their lives. We were supported by Wiślica Municipal authorities. It is a great experience for juniors. I am glad that thanks to a game of pool it was opened up this possibility” – Szczepan Sekuła from UKS Miłek Chotel Czerwony commented. The same position taken Małgorzata Dąbek from UKS Orlęta Bilcza. “We also received support from the municipal office. Morawica authorities made us a big surprise. This trip will certainly be widely commented on in our small villages. Not often happens to young people training at schools to take part in the international tournaments abroad” – said Małgorzata Dąbek. “We will help the ideas, which support the development of youth sport in small towns” – Peter Kedzior – Vice president and Arkadiusz Sząszor - a board member of the Polish Billiard Association completed.  They also took their pupils. Samuel Koniar – the President of The Slovakia Billiard Federation did not hide his satisfaction either. “We all need to developed junior sport. Without the younger generation will not be the future for our organization. I am glad that the idea of the EBC has amassed 35 young people. This regional concept should be developed” – said Samuel.

In the event we could see a lot of interesting fights. The level of the players was different, but the heart to fight not missed anyone. The boys played with three girls from Poland. They (girls!) managed to win a few games. In quarterfinals there were three juniors from Poland and two from Slovakia. In individual matches these results were reported:

Jan Divis (CZE) – Mateusz Smorga (POL) 5:1

Kamil Sząszor (POL) – Sebastian Hladky (SVK) 5:1

Josef Nechvile (CZE) – MatiaScodinu (CZE) 5:1

Dominik Wójcik (POL) – Bohdan Ivanets (CZE) 3:5

The best four were three Czechs and one Pole, but eventually Pole became the winner of the tournament.

Kamil Sząszor from club Arkadia Tczew  beat in semi final Jan Divis and in final, after a very good match, – Bohdan Ivanets. In the match for 3rd place Divis turned out better than Josef Nechvile ( 6:4).


Jan Diviś (CZE) - Kamil Sząszor (POL)  - 3:6

Josef Nechvile (CZE) - Bohdan Ivanets (CZE)  -  5:6


Kamil Sząszor (POL) - Bohdan Ivanets (CZE)  6:5

The hosts also awarded the trophy for the best team. It was the team from the Czech Republic.

Special thanks are due to Arkadiusz Sząszor, who successfully debuted in the role of international head referee and led the tournament. Special thanks are also due to Vladimir Cupalka – the owner of the Keight Club.

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