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International pyramid tournament finished with the victory of Vadim Polevoi, performing under the flag of the German national team. It sounds extremely exotic, but it's a fact - Russian billiard continues to march across the Europe due to the European Billiard Council and a series of EBC Pyramid Tour tournaments organized by it.

This time, the next stage of this tournament  was held in the Spanish town of Calpe, which gathered about 31 player from 4 countries.

The only German representatives reached the semi-finals: Vadim Polevoy, Ben Nicholas, Alexander Iliopol  and Sergey Poroshkevich. In the semifinal Polevoi defeated Nikolai Ben 4:1, and in the final game confidentially defeated Alexander Iliopol  5:1.

The third place match was won by Nikolai Ben in the counter attack.


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