Bogdan Wolkowski (Jaworzno) for the fifth time has become the Polish Champion in billiard tricks defeating in a final match Ziemowit Janaszek (Nosan Kielce).

Bartosz Rozwadowski (Nosan Kielce) achieved the bronze medal. "I am very happy that I won a gold medal for the next time. I had to be very concentreted to get next points for my tricks as my rivals proved their very big skills. I would also like to thank for such a well prepared event". The show was watched by a few thousands of spectators. Congratulations to the team from Kielce lead by the President Grzegorz Kedzierski.

The finalists: Ziemowit Janaszek (left) and Bogdan Wolkowski (right).
Wolkowski in action.
Risky trick performed by Wolkowski, supported by Janaszek.

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