The cooperation between billirard federations of Poland and Israel is being developed under the patronage of European Billiard Council. A few o the best Polish billiard players were invited to come in March to Israel.

The European Champion - Tomasz Kaplan, the Vicechampion of World Cup of Pool - Wojciech Szewczyk and the European Champion - Katarzyna Wesolowska will train with their friends from Israel.

"We have been competing in Dynamic Best of the East for a few yeras, we meet on training camps and exchange our experiences. I am very satisfied with the fact that a few of our best players is going to Tel Aviv in March" concluded Marcin Krzeminski - the co-organizer of the event.

"Polish billiard is very well organized. Players have many international successes and the way PBA (Polish Billiard Association) developed sport amongst juniors is worth to copy. Common trainings of Polish squad and Israeli team of seniors and juniors is waht we plan to organize. We would like to show our partners that Israel is very atractive also from a tourist point of view" said the President of ISPA - Shai Eisenberg.

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