Polish Billiard Association for the 13th time organized the Bisunessmen Championships of Poland. Over 40 people took part in the event.

Players were divided into 3 groups:  Amator, Pro and Super Pro and they competed in 8-ball. In 9-ball sportsmen played in pairs. The Champions of Poland became: Wojciech Walczynski (Ketrzyn), Wojciech Sajtyna (Jedrzejow), Krzysztof Doroszkiewicz (Gdansk) and the duet - Tomasz Bugaj and Pawel Kasprzycki (Bierun). The tournament lasted from Friday to Sunday and on Saturday,  a music concert took place. The prize - a trip, was sponsored by "Why not travel" company. The draw, which was proceeded by beautiful hostesses turned out to be very lucky for W. Sajtyna.

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