Championships of Poland in pool billiard in men's and women's division took place in Binkowski 4-starr hotel in Kielce. Players competed in 8,9 and 10-ball. According to the rules 40 men and 12 ladies participated in the event. Amongst 24 medlas, 11 were won by players from Nosan-Galeria Echo Kielce. The champions became: 8-ball - Michal Turkowski (Nosan-Galeria Echo Kielce) and Karolina Pikul (Oskar Stalowa Wola); 9-ball - Marek Kudlik (LP Metal Fach Sokółka) and Oliwia Czuprynska (Nosan-Galeria Echo Kielce); 10-ball - Wojciech Sroczynski (Bilard Studio Warsaw) and Katarzyna Wesolowska (Nosan-Galeria Echo Kielce). Few thousands of people were watching the matches on-line. The matches are availabe on The President of Polish Billiard Association was very satisfied with the level of the tournament. "We have got a big group of a very good players in Poland. As this championships have proved not only M. Sniegocki, R. Babica, T. Kaplan or K. Skowerski are able to win but also other players who are well known either in Poland and abroad. It shows how important is the work we do together with the clubs" concluded G. Kedzierski.

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