Fascinating decisive day of the snooker Cup Tissot finished with the complitely predictable ending where the two current today's best Ukrainian snooker players - Vlad Wisniewski and Sergei Isayenko have met.

Despite the fact that both finalists quite quickly got the victories in their semi-finals, their path to the final was not easy.  In the 1st round Wisniewski faced a strong resistance by a talented pull player from Lviv - Vitaly Patsuria. Isayenko reached the playoff easily,  but in the 1/8 final was about to lose playing with the little-known Kiev resident  Andriy Shulga. Sergei was able to play up the opponents only in the counter attack. Ruslan Ostrovsky and Evgeni Novosad have got one frame from Isayenko.

During three Olympic matches Wisniewski had lost only one frame, he was defeated by Artem Koshevoi. And the chances before the final match looked absolutely equal.

The Final started with a positional struggle. It should be noted that the nature of the final game had quite a significant impact by very much strict corner pockets of the table where the match was held. Perhaps because of this or because of the excitement, big series did not work either Wisniewski nor Isaenko. The biggest break of the whole game was 32 points by Vladislav. Quickly realizing that the risk in this situation is unprofitable, both players tried to gain advantage through clever wagering. However, snooker game was more successful for Sergei Isayenko, frame by frame, slowly but surely Vlad Wisniewski took the initiative.

In the first frame the fate of the match was decided by few 9 points, the second frame had to be replayed from the beginning after a stalemate situation. After a while Vlad gradually gained confidence seeing frequent errors of the  opponent. Having 58-24 score in the second frame player from Chervonograd led with 2-0. In the third frame Wisniewski had made the same 32-point break, which allowed him to gain a more or less comfortable advantage, but Isayenko caught up with him in the successful snooker game.

However, in the end, Vlad came out on the series again and in a rather difficult situation brought the frame to the victory with the score 3-0.

The fourth frame could be decisive in this match. Wisniewski led in the end, but in a protracted positional game Isayenko managed to pull this party in the penultimate ball.

However, it only briefly delayed his defeat. Exactly in 1 frame. In the next game Wisniewski brought the match to the victory, 4-1.

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