Mariusz Skoneczny the best in the EEBC Pyramid Tour – Poland.

January 22, 2018 - Pyramid Tour

Pool player from Poland Mariusz Skoneczny won the EEBC Pyramid Tour.  Mariusz, former pool European Team Champion and bronze medalist of EPBF EC  beat Dmytrii Olinyk forom Lithuania in the final 4:2.  Polina Kuznichenko (POL) and Paulius Cerneckis (LIT) finished in semi final. 

" This is a good day for Polish billiard.  Pool player from our country first time won international pyramid event" said Grzegorz Kedzierski - president of Polish Billiard Association.   

Tomasz Kaplan won the first POL TOUR 2018

January 22, 2018 - News

Tomasz Kaplan, former European Champion from Nosan Kielce Club won the first event of  2018 Grand Prix of Poland " Brzesc Slomka Ptysiowa" POL TOUR.  This tournament was held in Champion Club in Siedlce. Tomasz beat Hubert Lopotko  ( Savicki Opole) in the final 2:0 (  4:2 ; 4:2) .  Karol Skowerski ( Nosan Kielce) and Mariusz Skoneczny ( Lipinski Dachy Tomaszow Maz. ) finished this competition on third places. Total participated 70 players from 26 cities. 

Mak Marketing Company - owner of the series, organizes 7 ranking tournaments a year.  POL TOUR is a main competition in Poland. The best players qualificed to Polish Pool Championships.  This season has a new sport rules. They play 2 KO ; 2 sets ( race to 3 or 4) and if the score is 1:1 in sets play shootouts . 

Grand Prix of Poland 2018- first event in Siedlce

January 20, 2018 - News

70 players from 27 cities are taking part in the first event of serie Grand Prix of Poland Brzesc Slomka Ptysiowa POL TOUR.  Champion Club in Siedlce is a host of the competition. Live scoring : 

Bory Federal Cup 2018 - 11:9 for Slovakia !!!

January 08, 2018 - News

Slovakia-Czech Republic - 11:9 . Dramatic match in Bratislava.

The great battle between players from the Czech Republic and Slovakia took place in Bratislava on January 20-21. Both federations have selected the best players who will play team and individual matches in the 9-ball. 

Slovakia: Jakub Koniar, Jaroslav Polách, Lukáš Kováč, Balázs Köles, Michal Kubán

Czech Republic: Michal Gavenčiak, Jan Meisner, Petr Urban, David Žalman, Jakub Stuna.

Last year the Czech team beat friends from Slovakia 11:9. This year will be for us - said Samuel Koniar, president of Slovakian Billiard Association before competition and his players won !!! Congratulation !!! 

EEBC supports this event. 

TV news: 

EEBC Pyramid Tour - start in Warsaw

January 08, 2018 - Pyramid Tour

The first event of the EEBC Pyramid Tour 2018 will start in Warsaw in days 3-4 February.  The owner of the club wants to prepare the best conditions for the game.  Sebastian Wasilewski from EEBC is responsible for handling the tournament. This is his first tournament in a new job.  Participation in the tournament has been confirmed by competitors from Cyprus, Spain and Poland. 

For several years, EEBC pyramid tournaments have been very popular. Over 120 athletes from 11 countries were classified in the Pyramid Tour ranking.

This year players will meet in Warsaw, Berlin, Kielce, Varna and Villinius.  The series of Pyramid Tour is open for players from West and Central Europe. 

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