The Pole the best in Romania 10-Ball

August 21, 2014 - Best of the East

After a dramatic final Radoslaw Babica became the winner of Dynamic Best of the East – Romania 10-Ball in Bucharest. The leader of the ranking is still Ioan Ladany who got the second place in TAC Club. Babken Melkonyan and Radu Anghel from Romania won the bronze medals. 84 players from 7 countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Russia, Israel, Moldova, Lebanon and Belgium) played in the tournament.

Ladany won Black Sea Cup

August 21, 2014 - News

Ioan Ladany – no 1 of Romanian billiard became the winner of the next tournament of Black Sea Cup organized by Romanian Billiard Association and City Club from Constanta. In a final match defeated Stanimir Ruslanov from Bulgaria. The third place got Babken Melkonyan (tournament organizer) and Chiritoiu Liviu.

Gagik Aratunyan won Germany Championships

August 11, 2014 - News

Gagik Aratunyan from Czech was the best in EEBC Pyramid Open – Germany Championships in Berlin. In a final match defeated Dieter Johns (USA) 3:2.

Vadim Polevoy and Sergej Poroschkevitsch from Germany got the bronze medals. In  general 32 players from Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Rep. and USA started in tournament. The only woman in the tournament – Olga Poleschova from Czech Rep. got a special prize. ‘Billard Club Pyramide’ tournament was a kond of sport marathon. Due to the big number of participants, 3 tables and mixed sport level the Saturday’s matches ended late in the night. The prizes and cups founded by East European Billiard Council were given on Sunday at 8 pm.

Sandor Tot the best in Bulgaria 10-Ball

July 31, 2014 - Best of the East

Two players from Serbia – Sandor Tot and Zoran Svilar played in the final of Dynamic Best of the East – Bulgaria 10-Ball which took place on July, 26 – 27. The result was not surprising. Tot won 7:4. While the best players from Poland and Bulgaria were absent (they were taking part in Team World Champpionships in China) only Romanians could compete with Serbs. The best of them – Ioan Ladany in the semifinal was leading 3:0 with Tot, but eventually lost 4:7. Similar situation took place in the second semifinal where Radoslav Milkov from Bulgaria, after a good start, was finally defeated by Svilar. In a final we could watch a friendly match between two good colleagues. Svilar started well but Tot got the better than him very soon and won the match 7:4. 70 players from 10 countries (Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Armenia, Serbia, Macedonia, Cyprus, Belarus, Georgia and Slovakia) played in Bulgaria 10-Ball.

Kremlin Cup

July 22, 2014 - News

In this year Kremlin Cup will take place at the beginnig of November. Niels Feijen – the current World Champion in 9-Ball confirmed that will take part in the tournament.

Training in Moscow

July 22, 2014 - News

Johan Rusiynk from Netherlands started to train players preparing for World Team Championships and Youth European Championships.

EBC TEAM CUP 2014 - Victory of Nosan Kielce

June 17, 2014 - News

The tournament of EBC Team Cup took place in 'Entry' Club in Kaunas (Lithuania) on June 13 - 15. Teams from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and  Slovakia took part in the competition.

EBC Junior Cup - Pardubice

May 27, 2014 - News

The next tournament for juniors was organized as a part of the International Billiard Academy project.

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