TOOL a new sponsor of EBC

December 19, 2013 - News

TOOL Company from Czech Republic became a new sponsor of European Billiard Council.

According  to the agreement TOOL is alowed to use a title "Sponsor of  the EBC Youth Program" and "Sponsor of the EBC Pyramid Tour". EBC will get a baize for the events for juniors and pyramid tournaments cycle. The board of EBC decided to give the baize for free to the clubs - partners organizing EBC events.

Race to win medals and a car just started

December 08, 2013 - News

On 9-13 December in Kielce will take place the Championships of Poland for Men and Women in Pool Billiard. The competitors will play in 8,9 and 10-ball. Chevrolet Spark and financing the participation in Euro Tour and Dynamic Best of the East 2014 tournaments are the prize for the winner of 2013 Polish ranking.

The second success of Koniar

December 08, 2013 - News

Jakub Koniar (BC Lavos Bratislava) for many years was participating the Championships of Slovakia but was not able to win. In 2013 he finally achieved the goal he had set for himself.

Hohmann the best in Moscow

December 08, 2013 - News

The World Champion - Thorsten Hohmann from Germany became the winner of a prestigious billiard tournament - Kremlin Cup which took place in Moscow.

Family atmosphere in Pardubice

October 31, 2013 - News
Finalists: J. Nechville & W. Zielinski

Juniors from Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic met in billiard club in Pardubice (Czech Rep.). It was the second tournament for young billiard players in this year organized under the patronage of European Billiard Council.

In June they competed in Trancin (Slovakia). The impression after this event was so good that Jaroslav Horenovsky, Tomas Elis and Jarda Javurek invited juniors to visit Pardubice. We are very glad that we gave our pupils from Wielkopolska (the region near Poznan) the opportunity of visiting Pardubice. In a team were 4 girls and 3 boys. In Pardubice we felt as in a family. It was realy noticable that hosts were working with huge passion" concluded keepers from Bila Zduny Club - Ilona and Pawel Galeja. 12-year-old Wiktor Zielinski from Hades Poznan in a final match defeated Josef Nechville from SK Bilard Centrum Prague and became the winner. 31 juniors took part in the competition. We would like to thank and also congratulate the organizers. In next year EBC is going to organize tournaments involving Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine.

Trainer course in Poland

October 31, 2013 - News

On application on Lithuania Billiard Federation the trainer course took place in Rokietnica (near Poznan), Poland. The candidates participated in classes conducted by the most titled Polish billiard player - Radoslaw Babica.

Jakub Koniar became the Champion of Slovakia in 8-Ball

October 29, 2013 - News

We know the best 8-Ball players in Slovakian Billiard Federation. Jakub Koniar from Bratislava in a final match defeated Jaroslav Polach from Komarno 7:5 and became the winner. Zdenko Lisic and Koles Balazs got the bronze medals.

EBC - Tournament in Prague on 12-13.10.2013

October 22, 2013 - News

Dear Billiard players and fans!!!

On the 12-13 of October, in Prague we held next European amateur tournament on Pyramid. 36 players, Russian Billiard fans have taken part in the competitions. The three countries have presented its challengers - Spain, Chech Republic and Germany.

The Cup of the East again in Polish hands

September 24, 2013 - Best of the East

Dynamic Best of the East 2013 cycle is finished. Polish player – Mieszko Fortunski from Bandaclub Sky Tower Wroclaw became the best player of the season. The tournaments organized by Mak Marketing Company and its partners took place in Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia. 241 people from 13 countries were classified in the ranking.

„It was difficult but interesting season. I am very thankful my partners for their support and hospitality. Promotion of billiard sport in Eastern Europe is really needful. Dynamic Best of the East is the cheapest and most easily available cyclical competition in Europe. After years of break we came back in 2013 to Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia. It is our common big success” concluded the director of the cycle – Marcin Krzeminski.

Thousands spectators watched Challenge of Champions

September 20, 2013 - News

Few thousands of customers of the biggest shopping centre in Kielce watched the matches of Challenge of Champions - Galeria Echo Cup tournament. What is more almost 3.000 people watched live on-line transmission on

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